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  1. Would like to see an addition in the mission editor for unlimited fuel and, separately, unlimited ammo in the same way there's an invulnerability flag you can toggle. Would help a lot with training flights and special mission behaviors (e.g. maybe you want to simulate a large, fast, long-range cruise missile using something like a MiG-31).
  2. I see the B-2 spirit RCS value is 5. Not sure what the units are (presume square meters), but that's way off (even for grossly inaccurate unclassified numbers). See: https://www.globalsecurity.org/military/world/stealth-aircraft-rcs.htm Also would love the max fuel on the KC-10 to be bumped up. I see you have wartime numbers in the .lua file.
  3. When playing in a multiplayer server (host is norender), with a .miz file set to force unlimited fuel, the C-101EB consumes fuel (and eventually runs out of fuel). Unsure if this also affects the C-101CC version. Using DCS version
  4. Signups are open for our AWACS/AIC/GCI controller course on Friday, August 23, 2019 2000-2400 US Central time. Be advised there will be no class the following week due to the Labor Day holiday weekend in the United States. Prospective AIC students and pilots must sign up in advance. Use of LotAtc is required as an AIC student. This will be our second intermediate-level session. It will take place on the Persian Gulf map. It leverages some next-level scripting facilitating exacting control of every aspect of each presentation. New presentations include: Echelon Wall
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