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  1. Fixed the wingtip vortices. Edit dragon_lady.lua with the following substitution: wing_tip_pos = {-4.407, -1.45, 16.4}, As an aside, I think the aero tables are really off. The plane won't achieve stable level flight above ~53k feet; it should be okay through at least 70k feet. I toyed with increasing the thrust thinking it would be a quick fix, but AoA quickly climbs out of control (> 20 degrees) regardless of thrust. Maybe someone with the appropriate background and tools can find the proper numbers for NACA63-409.
  2. Should be the equivalent explosion power in kilograms of TNT (maybe RDX?) per detonation event. I think there is some uncertainty about what explosive, exactly, is used to specify this number, in part because it seems like the definition of 1 unit seems a bit off (based on people trying to reverse engineer the effects in the game engine, and the possibility that the devs are adjusting the definition slightly).
  3. All, DCS Academy was closed in early July 2020 and reborn in September 2020 as an end-game experience for experienced pilots. MSFS2020 offers an excellent experience for new virtual pilots which wasn't available before August 2020. I recommend learning your flight basics in MSFS2020 before tackling DCS. A special thanks to @DeltaMike for creating and looking after this thread and all of the very excellent work he did for the first iteration of DCS Academy!
  4. The patch contains a file named HMCS Montreal FFH 336.edm; does this replace the file with the same name in Shapes or Textures (or both)?
  5. I had some time today to fix the Cessna 210N's performance. It was (poorly) modeled as a turboprop -- even with my previous fixes it wasn't performing anywhere near where it should be (seemed about 40%-50% underpowered). I've fixed it to be a proper internal-combustion-driven propeller plane, heavily borrowing/stealing both engine & aero performance parameters from the CEII (which itself borrowed/stole heavily from the Yak-52) and the Yak-52. The Cessna 210N performs much better now, hitting a lot of real-world numbers, and includes a turbosupercharger boost as it should. Most performance numbers from either the Cessna 210 Wikipedia page or manufacturer spec sheets (e.g. engine, propeller). Known issue: Climb rate is still too high (over 3000 ft/min!) -- doesn't seem to be a quick/easy parameter to fix that. Enjoy! Cessna_210N.lua
  6. I've fixed some problems that were bothering me regarding the performance of each aircraft since we do a lot of realistic things with civilian air traffic in DCS Academy. The regular mod is mostly copy/paste data, especially w.r.t. engine performance. The .zip file attached below replaces the aircraft .lua files with more appropriate engine performance data, aircraft mass data, takeoff & landing speeds, etc. The aircraft perform much better now, and there's variability across aircraft whereas before they were mostly the same (due to the copy/paste nature of the original files). I also restored the spinning fans under DCS 2.7.0. These files go right into the following directory (replacing what's already there): C:\Users\USERNAME\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Mods\aircraft\Civil Aircraft Mod A special thanks to the Community A-4E-C team for their commented .lua files which helped me to understand what all the parameters did in the DCS game engine. Edit/update: changed the engine performance from an ideal curve to an empirical MCT vs. Mach relationship (using SL curves to ensure monotonically decreasing function -- I guess throwing the altitude dimension in requires an EFM). Also fixed sea-level max speed so aircraft aren't rocketing off at 360 KIAS just after takeoff. Finally, reduced Cessna 210N thrust to be more sane and it now has the appropriate climb rate as well. Update 2: Switch MCT vs Mach table from SL to 20k feet. This introduces an inversion as ram compression increases thrust above 0.8 Mach. Fixed issues with climb rates on larger airliners. MOOSE RAT + Intl airports now look much more like they do in the real world. Adjusted smokiness of engines. Update 3: fixed some small things (e.g. max Mach for aircraft); the Cessna 210N still isn't quite right due to the difficulty in finding proper thrust numbers (since they depend on the propeller you attach to the engine). Cessna thrust numbers now based on wind tunnel data for propellers (not necessarily the ones used on a Cessna 210N but it's better than nothing). Update 4: fixed the base mass to reflect passenger + cargo loading to 80%-85% (larger aircraft are 80% loaded). Also upped the RCS values considerably to match (scant) publicly available RCS data for airliners in the X-band (reduced to spherical RCS equivalent). Trying to get ahold of models to use in XPatch for better numbers. X-band used since the only radars of interest in DCS will be airborne interceptor radars. Default RCS values from DCS are way too small anyway (for X-band numbers) so it's all equally unrealistic, but we can at least try assuming the radar range equation is modeled properly from first principles and not tuned to the bogus RCS values. CivilAircraftModDCS270.zip
  7. This B-2 Spirit mod seems to work, plus it's player-flyable!
  8. FWIW, I'm not seeing this problem.
  9. v0.86 has been out for like 6 or 7 months at this point. Download link: https://filehorst.de/folder.php?key=dnc1kh7A listed under https://cam.em-key.de/download-2/ (the website still lists 0.81 as the latest).
  10. If cost of the models is a concern, I'd be willing to buy some for these developers to expand this project's offerings.
  11. This looks fantastic! One point: seems like the main rotor spins in the wrong direction.
  12. Would like to see an addition in the mission editor for unlimited fuel and, separately, unlimited ammo in the same way there's an invulnerability flag you can toggle. Would help a lot with training flights and special mission behaviors (e.g. maybe you want to simulate a large, fast, long-range cruise missile using something like a MiG-31).
  13. I see the B-2 spirit RCS value is 5. Not sure what the units are (presume square meters), but that's way off (even for grossly inaccurate unclassified numbers). See: https://www.globalsecurity.org/military/world/stealth-aircraft-rcs.htm Also would love the max fuel on the KC-10 to be bumped up. I see you have wartime numbers in the .lua file.
  14. When playing in a multiplayer server (host is norender), with a .miz file set to force unlimited fuel, the C-101EB consumes fuel (and eventually runs out of fuel). Unsure if this also affects the C-101CC version. Using DCS version
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