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  1. Lost a set of activations too yesterday, still got 8 left but not good that updating used 1 set up. :(
  2. Umm, having owned a farm with beef cattle I had always assumed that a heffer was a castrated male bovine.... :D
  3. Tho the kids drink No-No, I'm a Number 10 Rochefort :thumbup:
  4. ok got a couple of pics as the B52 flew directly over my house post them up in a few. BIG aircraft and not very noisy :) Edit: A few pics here http://s149.photobucket.com/albums/s47/Alicatt_photos/Sanicole2012/
  5. camera is ready nad got a couple of pics of other aircraft, back is sore from yesterday so called off going to the show today :( Really enjoyed friday night's show with the grandson, he loved it :)
  6. Styles and info can vary between diffrent end users, two pages about the electrical systems for the same aircraft but for two diffrent countries.
  7. That is just too close to the truth :megalol::megalol::megalol:
  8. Certainly hope the voice recognition is better than the one in my Range Rover, I have never been able to get it to work properly even after 3 years
  9. Alicatt

    Developer Diary

    Was hoping for a fixed head rather than a rotor as I'm worried about the stability seing as there is no counter force to counteract the precession with regards to the air stream
  10. Can I have mine with Maa-aan bread and lime pickles please
  11. Alicatt

    Developer Diary

    Good luck Ells as a landlord, a good tenant is hard to find too ;) Gotta play the evil one tonight , Sigh.
  12. So are Lee Enfields ... more kick for your buck :D
  13. Been to Biggin Hill quie a few times to work flight side during the airshows. will dig out some of the pics when I get back home. My father was the squadron marksman and was sent to Bisley to shoot during the war. He told tales of shooting unexploded ordanance at Tangmere when he was stationed there. They had Whirlwinds, Mossies, and later Meteors during his time there. We shot .303 Lee Enfields and if we were lucky we were allowed to shoot the P14 but it was mainly the WO that comendered that rifle. We were shooting at 200yds and the WO said aim at the bull and wait until I've hit the bull and let fly when the marker pole comes up ... we did ... the marker pole disapeared, the field telephone rang and an irate voice was heard and we all got a dressing down.
  14. On Sunday I had a pleasant half hour or so in the Vulcan at Solway Aviation Museum getting told tales of hights in excess of 95k etc. took that with a pinch of salt but I have read that at high altitude the Vulcan could run rings round the lightning. Got a few pics but they will have to wait until I get home.
  15. With CA now in World, GCI would be nice as that is the mode of operation of a lot of older aircraft. Would love to scramble a EE Lightning to intercept a Bear over the North sea :D During the cold war Lightnings were held on Quick reaction alert and could be launched in a matter of minutes. Even the Vulcan could be up and running before the pilot got strapped onto his seat!
  16. Hello and yes it is I :) FITA Target at LEL and 3D Natuur at our new club in Genk (No web site yet) http://www.lel-leopoldsburg.be/j25/ :thumbup:
  17. Brimstone can also be launched from ship and ground vehicle tho the MOD did not take that option up
  18. Aye, Ye hodder him 'n I'll heeder him
  19. Same as in a LHD car a RHD car and a motorbike I have one of each and swap between them without any problem. That being said, there is the "occasional" moment when you have to think carefully about which side of the road you have to drive on it can be embarrassing when going from Europe to the UK or vice versa.:smilewink: Esp. the motorbike as it has no reference as to which side of the road it should be on.
  20. and it is on youtube too :D It was the ill-fated ZU-BEX that he went up in
  21. Finally finished downloading the World Torrent now leaving it uploading all current modules Ka50(upgrade version), A10C, P51D, CA and World
  22. it is bouncing around between 100kb/s and 800kb/s upload just now with 6.8GB uploaded
  23. I'm supposed to be fitting a new LNB to Grandad's sat dish today ....:music_whistling:
  24. Even with a 100Mb/s line it is still saying 23hours to download World, it has got better as about 1 hour ago it said 2 weeks :D
  25. Ah we must have walked past each other at some point that day, I was there too and the following next few years too One of the best at Leuchars was when the Vulcan got it a bit "wrong" and came over the crowd line 90 degree bank and full power I could almost reach up and touch it, I have never felt the ground shake so bad :D I was first there in 1970 with the ATC 2319 Squadron :pilotfly:
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