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  1. yeah but id we don't point out the limitations of this new version of the forum how will they know to fix them?
  2. yeah it's tiny on a 4k monitor and there is so much wasted space on either side, plus if you swap to one of the other styles the forum gets even smaller. This is not the best implementation of a forum and recently it seems a a good few others are doing the same :(
  3. That makes it an even bigger waste of space at each side Why break something that was working ?
  4. Made payment here too today via PayPal, it has not shown up on PayPal or bank account yet tho. The Store has done this before, a long time ago, I will give it a day and see if it changes status.
  5. Yeah we have a few, Heusden-Zolder, Zwaartberg but none of those are on the map
  6. Sensors arrived and installed Smmmooooothtm Now to get the muscle memory back, it's been a while since I used the Cougar
  7. i9 9900k, 64GB RAM, RTX 2080super Samsung 970 1TB system and 970 1TB drive for DCS and one other power hungry space game no stutters at all so far, its been so smooth that I have not bothered to check what fps I get.
  8. I remember when I got my TM FLCS, TQS and TM Elite pedals all those many years ago and how much a difference it made to flying the F-16 in that other sim then PC hardware moved on and the FLCS/TQS no longer worked properly it jittered all over the place and even using a TM analogue Joystick interface no longer could compensate for the higher clock frequencies of the new CPUs I splashed out on a TM Cougar which still sits on my desk awaiting the new sensors for the X & Y axis' I have one spare pot for the throttle which I jealously guard, it does also work in the Joystick but as I don't have two I'm going with MWSims' sensor kit Having the buttons all mapped and TrackIR Pro to look around makes it a great experience flying in DCS.
  9. ^^^ This You can re-map it in TrackIR and have different profiles for different sims/games
  10. Just flying over Ambleteuse, France, while they have the costal fort on the map the town isn't https://www.google.be/maps/@50.807097,1.6017278,869m/data=!3m1!1e3 From the fort looking towards Boulogne you can see the Atlantic wall running along the edge of the beach https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ambleteuse
  11. Thanks for the info, it's been 15 years since I was in Ieper, I now live in Limburg which is not on the map, we have quite a few old WW2 airstrips around here plus the modern Kleine Brogel airbase which is just a stone's throw from here. The other thing that I remember about being over in Flanders are all the WW1 grave yards like at Tyne Cot which is just a little east of Ieper and still within the bounds of the Channel Map. I was there a couple of years ago to visit a grave for a friend in Australia that could not get over to see it, the place is huge and quite humbling seeing all those people that laid down their lives for us.
  12. The Menin Gate is quite a large structure, it's been a few years since I was last in Ieper, also there is a large fort on the southern edge of the town too The gate from street level More of the gate, that is my son and daughter standing at the gate Cloth Hall from the end Front of the Cloth Hall... please ignore me trying to murder my son... Also close to the Cloth Hall Surviving Fortifications in the town
  13. Are you in Game mode or Sim mode? In Game mode the trim does nothing.
  14. Same thing discussed here: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=276552 Rudder and elevator trim are your most important controls, as any change in speed, attitude, pitch, power settings, mean you have to trim, rudder to balance the torque and prop wash and elevator to hold your altitude and attitude. To be honest I have not had to touch roll trim when flying in a cruise configuration, its different if you have just dropped one bomb off of one wing then you have to trim that out. I'm awaiting new sensors arriving for my cougar joystick, so I'm using a TM 16000M twisty stick for pitch roll and rudder and I have rudder and pitch trim mapped to the hat on that. I'm still using the Cougar throttle for throttle control with the antenna elevation rotary for propeller pitch, I have not mapped mixture to anything yet. The other thing to check is your centre of gravity, if you have fuel in the rear Aux tank then the aircraft does tend to be a lot more unstable so try and keep a forward CofG
  15. While awaiting replacement sensors for my Cougar I'm using a TM 16000M twisty stick, I'm also using the Cougar throttle as the throttle and the antenna elevation knob as propeller pitch, not mapped boost or mixture yet. With using TrackIR it leaves my Hat control on the TM16000M free for rudder and pitch trim and twist for the rudder. I don't see the trim wheels in the cockpit move either, not when I used the mouse or now using the hat switch, it was the crash after crash at the start until I figured out the trim in what I'm using now.
  16. Don't forget the rudder trim, use that first, as that is the most useful to counter the engine torque and prop wash then you will find that you don't need so much roll trim. I'm using TrackIR so it frees up my hat on the joystick to use as rudder and elevator trim, three quick dabs of right rudder trim at cruising power and two for up elevator and that is pretty close for me, then let her settle and then fine tune the trim and I can go hands off for more than a minute without a problem. Great aircraft to fly but man get out of shape and she bites :)
  17. That's how I'm finding her too, after watching a couple of videos on the P47 getting flown in real life was trying to match what I could see and while not super steady she is not as unstable as when I first started to fly her. Watching those videos showed just how fast she goes down hill even with about 2200rpm and 30" she was holding around 150kts in the climb, then pushing her over how quickly she was over 300kts in a shallow dive. So far I'm enjoying dodging the trees on the channel map interspersed with knocking chunks off the Anton :)
  18. Just emailed with Robin that made the map, he said that he had to cut down the number of airfields on the map as there were too many for him to handle comfortably, he said once he removed satellite airfields and those used by other services he had cut down the number by about 75% :shocking: I linked this thread to him too, to let him see what we are discussing here.
  19. It was something they did, but at limited speed as the carriages are not really designed for being pushed, usually there was a maximum speed of about 30mph for pushing. Steam locomotives did run backwards a lot, not all lines had a turntable to reverse the direction of the locomotives, usually just a reversing loop so they could get the engine from one end of the consist to the other to pull the coaches back along the line, again there would be a limitation on the speed at which they could do that, but that was more due to the smoke entering the carriages if they went too fast.
  20. Had already done so before posting here, friends used to live in Balintore and I spent a lot of time wandering around that area when on holiday there
  21. The solid shot from the 57mm "tsetse" was also 25lb with a similar description of it's use and effects, the Mosquito pilot in one of the videos near the start of this thread was saying that they aimed short of the target ship/submarine to get a ricochet to go through the hull parallel to the water as that caused the most damage to the target. Ah it was this video describing it:
  22. Which aircraft have you selected for the instant mission? I seen that there are only missions for WW2 aircraft and nothing for more modern aircraft. I do get the same error if I try to create a fast mission no matter what aircraft I try.
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