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  1. This what they had as a demo at KB airbase a couple of years ago when Belgium was still to decide which aircraft they were going to get to replace the F-16
  2. Here he is back at KB Airbase, I was also at the sunset show with my grandson, it is my birthday pressie to him ;)
  3. since I could first put a midi file on my Nokia for a ring tone, 633 Squadron has been my ring tone, still is on my iPhone today.
  4. There is a programming manual online for the AN/AWG9 airborne Digital Computer from 1965 Airborne digital computer for an/awg-9 airborne missle control system | 102654134 | Computer History Museum From there Google is your friend...
  5. Ian's new book arrived this morning great information and fantastic photographs
  6. At 39,000lbs, 2 Redtop missiles, 450kts/0.87M, it takes 3.1 minutes to climb from sea level to 36,000ft without afterburner, uses 930lbs fuel and covers a distance of 30nm. With re-heat, no missiles, 38,300lbs, from 2,000ft to 30,000ft takes 1.3minutes and uses 905lbs fuel covering a distance of 10.2nm Taken from the F-6 operational Data Manual. Edit: Charts to go with the above One of the things it says in the manual for the F-6 is to deduct 10% in time and fuel use for use with the Avon 302 engine that was fitted to the export version of the Lightning (F-53 F-55)
  7. Looking at it again, the fort is not too bad... the town is missing though! There was a German garrison and barracks close by the town and POWs were kept there.
  8. it was a low resolution block before, I did take a screen grab of it flying past in the Christian Eagle, as of other places I know of.
  9. Nice to hear we are getting Fort d’Ambaleteuse, was there a few years ago
  10. I see that a load more documents have been released about the Redtop missile on the English Electric Lightning Appreciation Group on Facebook. Also that Ian Black is putting out a vol 3 to his Lightning books, this one is more of a manual, he was preparing one for Haynes but they cancelled it and he is now releasing it through his own bookstore: New Book – Pre Order – Firestreak Books Grandson with Ian's Lightning Vol.1
  11. That was one of the most enjoyable aspects of a sim that cannot be mentioned, f 16 of us briefing and getting our tasking orders complete with time on target. Flying in low, dodging round the various air defence zones, keeping an eye on the TTG so it did not demand large changes of power if you were coming in late and then hitting the IP on time and a speed up to 500kts for the bombing run over target. As I and my wingman were lining up from our ip to the runway we were about to bomb, we could see the flight ahead of us dropping their stick of bombs on one of the cross runways while the SEAD aircraft were taking out the AAA around the airfield, fantastic sight seeing all the explosions going off all around the target airfield. Ah the joys of connecting via modem to the one guy that had a T3 line and was hosting us connecting via a mixture of ISDN(myself) and 56k modems.
  12. Please keep us informed of the outcome of this request. Thanks.
  13. Was in the BAE Systems Hind demonstrator a long time ago, it had a gunner controlled cannon that while not head tracking could be steered by the gunner using the imager which the gun was slaved to. They gave me a Hawk mug for my troubles and I should have a brochure on the Hind somewhere.
  14. Don't diss my ring tone on my phone 633 Squadron theme tune has been my ringtone since you could first import midi tones to a Nokia phone in the 1990s
  15. Yea heavens they are even older than mine! They are analogue not RS232, a similar 15pin D connector and mine are connected to a TM Cougar which has the analogue inputs on it for pedals. The Cougar replaced the TM FLCS/TQS which I used for many years. Been a while since I looked down there other than to vacuum every week
  16. Picked other: Westland Whirlwind would be my first choice Crikey! Bf 110 would be my next Ju 87G would be a third choice
  17. So where in all this does Airwolf fit in?
  18. There is not an awful lot about the Mossie in the book, it's first half is more about the career of Don leading up to getting the Mossie and then leading to the incident at Wichita, but it does go into a good bit of detail about flying the aircraft and how the more experienced war time pilots flew it, with the difficulties of maintaining a high strung aircraft and a shortage of parts for it. One thing was that they did mention was the fact that the Packard Merlin for the Mosquito was not as strong an engine as the Rolls Royce version and that Packard did not implement the measures that Rolls Royce said they needed to do to strengthen the con rods.
  19. As a cadet I got to sit in a Lightning cockpit while they ran through the controls and instruments for me ... if only it had the rest of the fuselage and engines behind the cockpit
  20. I have a book Mosquito Racer about Don McVicar and him racing RCAF Mosquito KB377 (Build No. 1377) in the air races like at Reno. He bought the aircraft in 1948 for $1500CDN later registered as CF-FZG The aircraft broke down on it's way to it's first race and was abandoned at Wichita. She was eventually restored fitted with two engines out of a P51 then issued a new US registration No. N37878 and she finished 5th in the Bendix Air Race of Sept. 1949 Aerial Visuals - Airframe Dossier - de Havilland-de Havilland Canada Mosquito B.20, s/n KB377 RCAF, c/n 1377, c/r N37878 Mosquito Racer: Amazon.co.uk: McVicar, Don: 9780906393581: Books
  21. Wot? No Vulcan, Valiant, and Victor?
  22. I served my apprenticeship with Decca Navigation and Decca Radar Ltd installing and servicing Decca Navigators and Radars. The Decca Navigation Chain was first set up in WW2 and was used for the D-Day Landings in Normandy to give a precision navigation ability to ships to clear the minefields The Decca system was also used on aircraft with a moving map display but that was in 1949. Decca Navigator System - Wikipedia Decca for aircraft: Decca Navigator - Airborne Receivers and Indicators (jproc.ca)
  23. 633 Squadron has been my ringtone of choice for more than 20 years now
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