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  1. Quick example. I have units set to Imperial in the game settings. Because when I fly MI-8 (or any other Russian plane) I prefer to have KM instead of NM. Instead of changing game settings back and forth I edited OPTIONS file in one of the missions with MI-8 and set units to metric. Unfortunately when I load this mission units are still set to Imperial instead of Metric. So, does the game read this OPTION file when loading a mission? If not, why this file is included in MIZ package?
  2. I use SteamVR only to play DCS in VR. DCS itself is a standalone version.
  3. I have Reverb G2. My settings PD 1.0, SSLR, SSAA, MSAA all OFF, SteamVR resolution 50%.
  4. Thanks for quick response. I play SC version.
  5. Hi Spike. I am having problem with mission #3. Tried it two times with the same result. When I reach the tankers and my pilot automatically reports over the radio our position the mission just stops. No messages, no warnings, the games goes straight to debriefing window. I have attached a log from debriefing but the track file is too big (12MB). mission3.log
  6. When staying in the basket becomes easy for you try AAR in A-10 or F-16 :).
  7. Thanks for the tip. I was about to give up on this campaign because fps in VR are unbearable in this mission. Hopefully disabling tacview will help. edit: Even without Tacview this mission is still unplayable. When all hell breaks loose around 9:15 fps drop well below 45. This game is not designed for epic battles unfortunately.
  8. Some players do use controllers only. I think you can move throttle and joystick with controllers. I bet they don't do anything more than flying around and explore scenery. Imagine CASE I carrier landing in F14 with just controllers LOL. OP you need to turn on option "USE MOUSE" in the game settings (VR tab). When it's off the crosshair is fixed to the headset.
  9. You can use Windows 10 without registering it. Some features like desktop wallpaper and other customization tools will be disabled but the system will work as normal.
  10. Tu-95 in all its glory. All graphics settings maxed out :).
  11. Dates are still in wrong format. In first world countries it's DD-MM-YYYY.
  12. You forgot about mission complexity and a plane you are in. Flying solo over Georgia in Su25 is not the same as flying online over Syria in MiG-21 with radar turned on.
  13. Hi. The button 5 on my joystick (master mode button) stopped working. It does not work in games and Windows control panel. At the same time when I press any other button on the joystick it triggers button 5 and it remains ON in Windows controller test panel. I recorded a video that shows what is happening when I press the Gun Trigger button https://imgur.com/a/ZIBABTM. Button #1 lit up but also does button #5. When I release the Gun Trigger, button #1 indicator goes off but button #5 remains ON. The only way to clear button #5 indicator is to unplug joystick and close Windows controller tes
  14. Thanks for quick reply. I didn't notice there is a third one (for both Mi-8 and Ka-50). I was asking about Oilfield and The Border campaigns.
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