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  1. After 3months of waiting, on the day the TM warthog was supposed to arrive, the delivery date was updated from mid february to mid may. No explanation given of course. I find no words to describe my anger. I have now decided to put DCS on hold. I’m also not buying any modules until I got my Hardware. I’m wondering how many are in the same situation than me. The new players curve for DCS probably stopped growing since some months. Could they claim TM? Inner peace... breath....
  2. Same issue here. Just got mine yesterday, the weapon select switch FWD needs help to center back. I will send it back.
  3. Same question for me. I tried to connect via Team Speak but I was lost. Is there a kind of webinar stored?
  4. I was wondering the same. Thrustmaster F/A-18 stick is perfect but the Warthog throttle is not close enough to F/A-18 hornet. A no go for me. I'm looking on the internet since months to find the perfect match, so frustrating(aerotronics, Winwing?). Just a set from Thrustmaster to change the buttons and UPGRADE the warthog throttle to F/A-18 hornet throttle would be great and I would buy the whole package the second it is on sale(anyway everything is sold out and prices are rising, we can see the consequence of Covid-19).
  5. Solved: Don’t know what it was. I pressed preset, mapping and home button on thrustmaster. Then I realized that in instant mission even with option in simulator and not game the setting from hornet game were used. So I exit the mission and went to training mission. Training missions used the option hornet sim for simulation. All good! I anyway changed all airplanes controls to be sure. I also create a dcs account and logged in. Funny that there are no wheel brakes in hornet game only for hornet sim...
  6. Hello I have thrustmaster hotas X joystick. I’m in VR oculus rift. I bought F/A18Hornet from steam. All worked fine. I bought on Monday logitech rudder pedal flight pro. Since then it is a complete nightmare. My toe brake of the rudder pedal are controlling pitch and roll of my joystick. The plane crashes. Problem is for DCS all planes alone as the rudder&joystick work perfectly on x-plane game! I search the complete internet for an answer 24h a day. I tried everything: -clean the hotas &rudder column and remap. -uninstall/install DCS. -delete all config input files and fol
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