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  1. I was wondering the same. Thrustmaster F/A-18 stick is perfect but the Warthog throttle is not close enough to F/A-18 hornet. A no go for me. I'm looking on the internet since months to find the perfect match, so frustrating(aerotronics, Winwing?). Just a set from Thrustmaster to change the buttons and UPGRADE the warthog throttle to F/A-18 hornet throttle would be great and I would buy the whole package the second it is on sale(anyway everything is sold out and prices are rising, we can see the consequence of Covid-19).
  2. Solved: Don’t know what it was. I pressed preset, mapping and home button on thrustmaster. Then I realized that in instant mission even with option in simulator and not game the setting from hornet game were used. So I exit the mission and went to training mission. Training missions used the option hornet sim for simulation. All good! I anyway changed all airplanes controls to be sure. I also create a dcs account and logged in. Funny that there are no wheel brakes in hornet game only for hornet sim...
  3. Hello I have thrustmaster hotas X joystick. I’m in VR oculus rift. I bought F/A18Hornet from steam. All worked fine. I bought on Monday logitech rudder pedal flight pro. Since then it is a complete nightmare. My toe brake of the rudder pedal are controlling pitch and roll of my joystick. The plane crashes. Problem is for DCS all planes alone as the rudder&joystick work perfectly on x-plane game! I search the complete internet for an answer 24h a day. I tried everything: -clean the hotas &rudder column and remap. -uninstall/install DCS. -delete all config input files and fol
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