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  1. Hmm. When I ran into that situation I tried to do just that (just put in 37T and input it on that line), but it kicked back a CDU error. I'll have to try that again.
  2. So, contacted a JTAC for a mission, got the UTM coords and plugged them into the CDU. No problem. Flipped over to mission and cycled to the inputted target point and .... it's several hundred miles away. Upon examination of the F10 map I believe it is because the JTAC was in one of the large grids on the map 38T (on Caucus map) , and evidently when you plug in UTM coords the A-10C CDU automatically puts the grid part in for you based on what grid you are currently in ... so if you happen to not be in the same grid (so, for example, if you are in 37T while the JTAC is in 38T) then you just p
  3. Yup ... the commands in question did not like being mapped to a button. If I mapped it in the Adjust Controls section it would recognize the button press for the function but when I hopped in the aircraft the control wouldn't budge. The moment I set it to a switch instead it was fine.
  4. When I was trying to map it I would watch the switch while pressing the button, it doesn't move at all. I would expect if you were correct that it would switch on while the button was pressed and then would switch itself back up when the button was let go. I'll try a switch instead tonight and see if I have better luck with it.
  5. Tried that one. Didn't work. Will that not map to a button and has to be a switch perhaps?
  6. I've been mapping out my HOTAS for the 14 and I can engage the autopilot just fine from within the cockpit. The heading switch and altitude switch and nosewheel button all map fine. But NOTHING seems to work for the actual Autopilot Engage/Off switch. I see several different controls in the controls listing that could refer to that switch but I have tried them all and none of them activate that switch. What keybinding is that control??
  7. I know how it is currently implemented is probably true to life ... but would it be possible to increase the brightness of the Master Caution light a touch? I have tried cranking the internal lighting as much as it will go and the Master Caution is barely visible when it comes on (unless it's night of course). Just way too dim.
  8. RESOLVED. There are a couple of people with editing access to my training mission. Evidently one (for unknown reasons) decided to move 2 static crewmembers over to the right side of the catapult. I didn't notice them as they kinda blended in to the rest of the crewmembers there. Once I went back in to the mission editor and zoomed in close enough was able to see and delete them. The problem with collaboration projects. lol. Case closed! Good night. :)
  9. Got the video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/54zamhduwu...issue.wmv?dl=0 In short ... it isn't a dip in the deck. It looks to be some sort of invisible wall that the right wingtip is clipping just after launch. It doesn't seem to damage the aircraft (though does decelerate it for a fraction of a second). It doesn't do this for the F-14. And it doesn't do this on the Stenis, only the Supercarrier module. It doesn't do it on the other 3 catapults. I've confirmed this behavior with 2 other pilots on my server.
  10. When moving the emergency wing sweep to the aft end of its travel when it reaches the end it suddenly snaps to the front end of the track. I sorted the bug forum by Emergency wing sweep and there were 6 pages of results but didn't see anyone reporting quite the same thing. I'm assuming though that it shouldn't be doing this, correct?
  11. SOLVED: If you take a Hornet and launch on the Roosevelt from Cat 1, about half way down the deck during the shot the left main gear 'dips' down into the deck slightly like there was a hole in the deck. It does not happen on Cat 2 (I haven't tested 3 and 4). And this does not appear to happen with the Tomcat (but maybe the stance of the Tomcat is wider so it isn't hitting the 'hole' and thus this is actually a problem with the Supercarrier model and not the Hornet? Have been able to replicate this and other players can see it happen during the shot.
  12. I was teaching two other people on the Viper. We all started in hot starts and all three of us lost electrical in the same fashion. Not sure how long it took. 15, 20 min? I was able to clear the warning but some electrical components would not turn back on like the RWR equipment. I hooked up external power and everything turned back on. But the moment I unhooked from ground power the equipment went dead again. It appears to be an electrical generator dies and there's no way to get it back online.
  13. I tried this earlier this evening and must be doing something wrong. I got all 8 designated. Then I hit undesignate. No weapons would leave the rails no matter what I did. What would be going on there? Master arm on, AG mode, efuz was set. Had the In RNG message. Pickle .... and nothing.
  14. Yeah. With that switch not activated I had essentially zero control over the aircraft. So it was either try that switch or hit the silk. Once I turned it on she grudgingly started to respond and allow me to point her nose down and finally get control. But yeah, just 1 more second and I would have pancaked on the ground. As it was I had to aim for a clearing in some trees in order to not clip a wing as I'm sure I dipped below the treeline.
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