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  1. There was a post about it previously ... I still hear it in the front seat, still irritating.
  2. Yes, mine froze again last night UPDATE: Just so it may help anyone, in MP, selected the 14, clicked FLY and it said WAITING ... although apparently, I was spawned on the pad!
  3. If it is of any help, this (freezing on second mission load) was happening to me fairly frequently, and at BIGNEWY's suggestion, I renamed my 'Saved Game' DCs folder, allowed it to create a new one and copied in my missions and scripts directories and the problem hasn't reoccurred - not saying its fixed, but in a few days, it hasn't happened again.
  4. This is extremely frustrating … 14 nerfed again in competitive play. Is this something HB recognise as an issue?
  5. Fingers crossed ... thanks for your assistance Gents
  6. I renamed the folder and just copied CONFIG across, ie. not scripts (I have Tacview, Viacom and a chair addin), etc and ran the same mission what felt like 10 times with no crashes ... not conclusive, and I'll keep trying.
  7. Yes, this is loading a mission from the mission editor I think it was this mission ... I've had this issue since 2.7 release, otherwise very stable. jF-14B Missile defense.miz
  8. Still an issue on my system (Win10, HP G1 VR, 32GB, M2, 3090) - load a mission, fly it, go to mission editor, fly again and 'WAITNG ...' dcs.log
  9. TWS is very effective in the 14 ... just switch to TWS and position the target in the scan cone; let the WCS assign it a priority number and fire - works just fine. When cranking, just keep the target in the scan cone (TWS-A will automatically keep the target centred) until the countdown starts flashing - I regularly get hits out to 75 miles in competitive games. The only thing that I can't do is launch a second missiles at the same target ... not sure this is as its supposed to work.
  10. Is this the annoying regular thumping noise discussed before?
  11. Thanks, but using TX4, it seems to get it right most of the time! But perhaps not this one!
  12. Interesting. Thanks I’ll give that a go. I guess it could work sometimes depending on whether I have my radio tuned to overlord at the time.
  13. I guess so, but I haven't used much else; just things like, 'request taxi', 'rearming', 'tomcat ball', tanker calls, tune radios, TACAN ... they all work ok. I can get to 2 pages in the kneeboard, but not the rest - so I think its working to a degree. However, 'Jester options' and 'Link Host Overlord' are important - flying in a match and being the only one without AWACS is not good
  14. I'm getting a bleep after the commands 'suggesting' (I really have no idea, but seems reasonable) that they are decoded correctly, then get lost somewhere.
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