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  1. I silence him before AAR via the Jester wheel ... too distracting!
  2. @*Aquila* "a good Tomcat pilot will beat any single simmer on earth, except another good Tomcat pilot flying a Tomcat." I'd be keen to see any recent tracks you have against a good 18 pilot, because since the recent 'corrections', I'm getting stuffed every time! Prior to that, as long as could avoid the second pass, it was fairly easy due to the 14s insane turn rate.
  3. Not sure if its mentioned in the video, but watch your fuel load ... at 16000lbs of fuel, it'll struggle; get it down to 8000lbs and it improves significantly.
  4. Great video, thanks for creating and posting - very good points.
  5. The countdown timer seems to be working well in TWS-A, but what should I expect to see if I launch a second missile at the same target? Should it refresh as a new, non-flashing timer?
  6. Sorry, DF = ACM switch - mad dogging 54s Shot a very impressive, high aspect 54 mad-dog shot yesterday while turning hard in a 2v1, unfortunately at my wingman ... but to be fair, he did fire a 120 at me first! He didn't survive
  7. A couple of thoughts on your points: * AI at ace level cheats and evades as soon as you fire - I always use veteran * DF switch up shots work as expected - pretty lethal, but very easy to see coming. * Long range TWS-A shots seem pretty reliable if you can catch you opponent by surprise This was in MP * Gave up on 7s a while ago. * BFM has completely changed for the 14 ... need to learn again. I really struggle against the 18 - would be interested to hear if anyone has any success. Generally, looking pretty good (from a non-pilot 'gamer' POV).
  8. Yes, seems to work well.
  9. Great video IM; shows what a fantastic sim ED are creating and just how good your 14 is ... simply stunning. Really looking forward to all the great things coming in 2021 - Happy New Year to all!
  10. http://designation-systems.net/dusrm/m-54.html seems to suggest an INS ... but I guess you need some official docs. Interesting that it references increased range for the C, I guess through better lofting. It'd be nice to see some more differences develop for the C, but I guess that's in ED lap now. Incredible that they built more than 5000 missiles ... they weren't cheap!
  11. I read somewhere (can't remember where) that because the secrets of the As were compromised, they reworked it so as to give the USN 14s an edge over the IRIAF - I wonder if it had more autonomous operation, ie. not requiring so much support from the host. I guess there is not much out there in unclassified docs yet to read.
  12. Ok, thanks @Naquaii From the unclass docs you've seen, were there any major differences? I assume, with it digital, they improved the software over it's life time. I did read somewhere it was used as the basis for the early 120A control programs.
  13. Indeed ... but, switching to digital, did they add any capabilities over the A?
  14. @Naquaii Is there any difference between the 54A & C in terms of seeker modelling???
  15. Thanks for posting Captain. Definitely feeling better, but as you say, that 300kt point is where it needs to be spot on. Keep up the good work HB!
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