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  1. Lol, for me MSFS is unusable in VR so I've been spending time in DCS. Do you have any overclocked components? DCS virtually never crashes for me.
  2. Okay, @Wisky was right. I had to tell my wingmen to land too. You can't just selfishly leave them hanging like in most other campaigns!
  3. @baltic_dragon First of all, I'm a big fan of your campaigns. First mission - I landed and followed the Humvee, then shut down my engine - but got a score of 50 and it did not register as a success when I exited. Any idea why? Do I have to wait for a message before quitting? Edit - do I need to wait for all of my wingmen to land too? I landed myself, then told them to RTB. But I didn't wait.
  4. Strange that it was 30 years ago. I remember watching footage of news reports from my classroom on Misawa AFB, Japan. My father was in the Air Force - in intelligence, not a pilot. His job was pretty secretive, and he often went on TDY to unknown (to us children) locations often. He was killed in an accident a few years ago, and on his grave stone in the veterans cemetery, it states Operation Desert Storm under his name. I never knew that he was involved until I saw that.
  5. The issue is that changes may break the myriad campaigns on the map, especially because ground items rely so much on precise placement of the buildings and trees and such. Texture modification shouldn't be as much an issue, but changing airfields layouts, buildings, forests or mesh would, I'd think.
  6. Yes, I also found it amusing that I could not even VTO with the wheel chocks in place
  7. Ooh, that would be great. Although part of me would be sad re-enacting the destruction of those ancient sites I didn't take good enough advantage of the free trial period to look around that map.
  8. You don't get a flickery or strobing effect at 60hz? I would love to set it there instead of 90/45, but the image is more stable at the native setting than at 60.
  9. I would love a Harrier campaign here. I wonder if any of the included areas were involved in the anti-ISIL operations. It would give me a reason to buy the map.
  10. Yes, if you need corrective lenses to see distance, you will either need to wear those lenses when using the headset, or do like I did and buy prescription adapters made for the G2, which to me is the more comfortable solution. And the G2 is very particular about headset position. Loosen all straps, start with one eye closed and move the set around so that the other eye sees clearly in the center. There should be a very sharp "sweet spot" that you want centered in front of both eyes, so start with one just to see what it should look like. Then try to keep that spot there as you adj
  11. Doesn't just hitting the Undesignated/NWS button do it as well? I'm just learning the sensors, and the trainings don't seem to be referencing the same items now.
  12. Yep, I have DCS, cloud sim 2020 and the WW2 sim, and I'm in the cockpit flying in DCS much faster than the other two. It's pretty nice lately I've noticed.
  13. Is there AAR in this campaign? Just wondering if I should practice doing that
  14. When I select either the TPOD or FLIR (something that has a camera) in the MFD in the Harrier, looking around the cockpit suddenly gets stuttery and uncomfortable. It goes away immediately after I change it to a text-only display, or the map. It happens regardless of the in-cockpit monitor resolution, or whatever that option is called. Edit - actually lowering it to 512 Every Frame did seem to help - it just required a restart of DCS. I'm not sure which options require restarts and which don't
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