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  1. I'm reasonably sure that SSAO was causing stutters while rolling which improved a lot for me with it disabled. I assumed it was all of the calculations of lighting changes in the cockpit when rolling? Just a suggestion in case it may help.
  2. If you think it's too easy, get the damper mod for the MFGs and turn the resistance on the damper all the way up.
  3. Oh, yes. I had to Google where to find the S/N. It was inside the headset on the left side, not the one on the tag on the cable. I couldn't enter a chat until I had entered the correct one.
  4. I'm getting a replacement cable sent in the mail as well. Achieved through a chat session on their site with little problem. I do have issue with a number of things on this headset though - I do wish the build quality was a bit better.
  5. I'm trying to see what the general airflow direction is? Where is the radiator? Is it on the front of the case, blowing outwards? Because of the fan on the top, blowing into the case, is a little unconventional. Usually air comes in from the front, then out the back and top. I'm not saying this is the case in your case, but if there are competing fans causing turbulent air, that can negatively affect temps quite drastically. There should be one major direction with all fans working in agreement. It makes a much bigger difference than some give it credit for. And also mind how many
  6. I do want to chime in for the first time regarding this issue. I do see this second mission load crash, which I saw for the first time immediately after the 2.7 release. And it never happened before this version was released. I have no overclocks on my GPU, but have an xmp profile on my ram. PBO is enabled on my Ryzen. But no manual overclocks. Edit - all mods disabled after the update. And a repair done. The crash always happens during mission load on the 2nd mission (and happens sometimes but not always)
  7. It's been a while, but fly up the coast for a bit and they will ask you to check on something north of where you took off from.
  8. I have the G2, and if I wanted this I would need to spend a bit more than $799, correct? Or else I'd have a really nice paper weight?
  9. Do you think so? The kit is over twice the cost of the G2.
  10. Seems enticing, though I don't have any base stations and only have WMR controllers, so it seems I have to wait for the full kit and then decide if I want to spend that much. I do like the headphones on the Reverb G2 where they don't touch your ears. I wish the Vive had that style. Edit - hmm... can someone confirm that I can buy Index base stations and just this Vive Pro 2 headset? Edit 2 - and how do you apply the discount code to the pre-order?
  11. Look under Axis in the drop-down in the key assignments and make sure no other device also is mapped to the same function.
  12. Are you in VR? Get a bass shaker and attach to the underside of your chair. Then turn the amp all the way up so that the vibrations shake you at the same frequency as the clouds so that you don't notice it.
  13. *buys early access product *complains that it is not complete
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