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  1. Party Hints :



    last week on "Party Hints" I showed you how to make a small plate of goulash go round 26 people, how to get the best out of your canapés, and how to unblock your loo.

    This week I'm going to tell you what to do if there is an armed communist uprising near your home when you're having a party. Well obviously it'll depend how far you've got with your party when the signal for Red Revolt is raised.


    If you're just having preliminary aperitifs - Dubonnet, a sherry or a sparkling white wine - then the guests will obviously be in a fairly formal mood and it will be difficult to tell which are the communist agitators. So the thing to do is to get some cloth and some bits of old paper, put it down on the floor, and shoot everybody.

    This will deal with the Red Menace on your own doorstep.


    If you're having canapés, as I showed you last week, or an outdoor barbecue, then the thing to do is set fire to all the houses in the street. This will stir up anti-communist hatred and your neighbours will be right with you as you organize counter-revolutionary terror.

    So you see, if you act promptly enough, any left-wing uprising can be dealt with by the end of the party. Bye!

  2. It means that those bags didn't hold :o




    Good luck my friend. Go buy an Aluminium boat capable of carrying at leats 6 people. You might need to save some people and /or pets.


    That dosen't look too good !!! Take care and let us know how it turn out Bud !!!

  3. If you guys want a book that will keep you off your seat and will not want to put the damn book down... I have never read a better book...full of action and the greatest story telling ever..



    Read " Dirty White Boys " by Stephen Hunter




  4. ** Intuition **






    I have experienced it first hand and saved the life of a kid and the life of a wreckless driver...







    I was driving home one night after a long days work. I usually drive 10 or 15 miles above the posted speed limit. I had a 88 Camaro Z-28 and was used to speeding everywhere. On this night I left work and as I got in my car I felt this uneasiness.. This feeling got me nervous un-like any other day in my life. I could sence there was something weird going on. I could not put my finger on what was going on...only that there was something I should be on the watch for. Something was about to happen.


    I left work and began to drive home. Cautiously looking both ways at the stop signs and even green lights. I approached every intersection with unfamiliar caution. I had never been so cautious. Hell, I drove like a maniac most of the time !!


    I got to the main blvd. leading to my house. It's a 2 lane street with lights every 1/4 mile or so. Behind me there's this guy by now more than pissed off because at this point I'm driving 5 miles below the posted speed limit. He's trying to pass me but since there's cars coming the opposite way every 20 seconds or less, he can't pass me..and I'm not letting him by because I have a feeling something is about to happen.


    At a distance of about 200 yards ahead, I saw something cross the road we are in.. I don't know how I saw it since my lights could not illuminate that far, but never the less I saw something cross the road. So I'm doing 30, on a 40 mph street by now. When I got to the point more or less of where I saw something cross the road and with this guy tailgating my ass. Suddenly, a kid runs across the road directly in front of my moving car... I slammed my breakes and veered slightly out of my lane and into uncoming traffic. The guy behind me saw the whole thing and almost hit me from behind. I missed the kid by about 2 feet. Our cars came to a complete stop and I turned white with fright. I was in shock for several seconds as traffic came to a complete stop. The 2 kids ran just as scared as I was.. Needless to say the guy behind me pissed his own pants in the process and fell behind me, a good 80 yards after we started drivig again...


    He also knew that if he had passed me he would have ran over that first kid or his brother waiting for him across that road...


    I didn't know what intuition was until that day, when something came over me... and that day, It changed my life forever and that of the kid..and that of the guy tailgating me....


    Now I listen to my inner mind a lot more than I used to....

  5. 20 years ago in that stretch of " Highway " road.... 2way road leading out to the middle of nowhere in between big towns.. What you call here in the states Farm Roads...


    Back then this road was very uneven and pot holes were spread out at what seems every 30 ft. You defenatly could not drive 60mph...especially at night with no street light as far as the eye could see...



    Now this same road has been updated.. But to get to the town I was heading too...they have built a 3 lane highway.. I hear !!!


    I haven't gone back to deep Mexico in that long of a time... That was the last time I traveled deep into Mexico in a car...



    Cpt, you guys went to mexico in a road in the middle of nowhere at midnight? ;)


    18 years ago the only way to travel to Guadalajara, Jalisco Mexico was through this road. 2 way road with no emergency parking lane or median.... just a 2 ft. drop in elevation on the edge of the road..


    That night we were almost thrown off the road by a crazy driver who on purpously threw his car at us. We vered off to the right and went of the road with our 2 right tires.. Sparks flying everywhere as we tryed to get our car in the road again.... We shitted bricks on that instant...


    After that crazy insident with that car... we drove about 30 minutes further on the same road.. We are doing 40mph....at about 100 yards and with our highbeams we see someone walking on the side of the road...our side. As we get closer it's some dude on a horse an he's got a mule being pulled by a 20 foot rope.. As we drive on the middle of the road to stay away from him, he turns left in front of us...the man quickly realizing he is messing up turns his horses head quickly to the right...But, the mule keeps going to the left for it's rope has not gotten the pull yet..


    Dude we were doing about 40mph. and we missed that mules head by about 5 inches on my side of the winshield...


    All of this happens withing a stretch of an hour...



    The post on fire and body, The crazy car manuver..and that Mules head almost coming in contact with my side of the windshield... We almost lost it that night.. Hell, we were considering turning back and going home since we still had another 9 or so more hours of driving....

  7. OMG...let me get this straight... you guys saw a dead man and fence on fire and didnt stop or called 911?! o_O


    The fire could be any electrical tool he may had been using while working on that fence and somehow short circuited... Im amazed you guys drove by and didnt even look back...




    Ok, Picture this..




    It's almost 4 hour after we left Texas at around 6pm.. So, that put the time at around mid-night or so... We are in Mexico...in the middle of no-where...


    Do you know Mexico..? It's full of road side pirates... I know I have been there a lot.


    911? Hehehhe.. Now I know you are messing with me.. We are in a foreign country ..People..


    Help the man... Come on !!



    Working on his fence with an Electric tool.. No..No..NOooo Not in Mexico !! They can barely afford a hot sandwitch... They will take your car and rape you women... You don't do that in Mexico.. Hell !! I'm part Mexican I should know better.. That person would have not been working at midnight fixing a fence post with any kind of modern tool... Maybe just a hammer and some rusty pliers.. Come on guys.!!!

  8. Ok..Here goes another experience of mine of an un-explained occurrense..




    I was about 22 which sets this story to about 18 or 20 years ago. My Brother-in-Law and sister were going to take a trip in car to Guadalajara, Jal. Mexico. My Aunt had invited them for vacation down there and My Sisiter in turn invited me.



    By the time we left it was around 6Pm. About 4 hours later, We are driving on this 2 lane desolate road doing about 50 MPH. Mesquite fence posts going by as far as the highbeams could loominate. Nothing but stars and the sound of our music in our senses. My sister is in the rear right seat..I'm in the passenger seat and my Brother-in-Law is at the wheel. As we seat there I'm looking out the window at the Mesquite fence going by and the distance siloette of some mountains. At about a distance of a 1/4 mile on the right side I see an illimination coming from the edge of the road..near the fence. As we get closer I can see it more clearly. It's a little fire by the fence. But, as we drive by I notice that the flame is... 1 fence post on fire. The flame is covering the top 6 inches of the 4 inch mesquite post. It's literaly on fire and the glow of the flame casts shadows in the sorrounding 6 feet. As we are parrallel with the post and doing about 50mph I saw clearly a body of a man lieing there motionless, as though he was dead. We passed that location and I looked at my brother-in-law as he was looking staight ahead.. 5 minutes later... I asked my sister " Did you see that a little bit ago? " She said, Yes I did !! I asked her what she had seen and she replied.. " There was a flame in that fence post and there was somebody laying there..looked dead " I'm like " Yeah.. That's what I saw too..


    Now what the hell, was that..? If the man was sleeppy and cold, he could have built a small bonfire and layed to sleep. But why would he lite a fence post top... It was only a 6 inch bigfire at the top most part of the Mesquite post...



    Maybe he was strucked by lightning......but, the night was super clear, full moon, millions of stars and not a could in the sky.


    Maybe he was shot by someone driving by...but, the post wouldn't have light up on fire..


    Just another weird experience I have witnessed....!!!

  9. You guys are funny..


    Connection 128... warping...LOL



    For real guys, My brother and I saw this plane from diffrent directions at about 3 miles apart...


    In the sky it was the size of a nickle...at about a 45deg. angle to me... Partly cloudy and sunny.. I could tell it was some sort of Cessna..


    We both saw it disappear after climing and then diving suddenly.. It was gone just like that..


    He saw it from a diffrent location than I did... and the funny part is that we both saw it dissapear instantly.. There was never any news of a crash on the papers.... No airshow in the city..




    Just simply can't explain what happened that day...

  10. I will start by telling you this weired aircraft manuever I saw 10 years ago. That I can't, too this day explain how or what happened to the people on this plane.


    I was standing in front of my Mom's house about 10 years ago in Brownsville, Tx...just there looking at the sky. At the same time my brother 10 years younder than I, is watering his lawn 3 miles away. As I stand there looking at cloud formations..I see this aircraft flying erratically.. It looked like a Cesna of some kind. He was flying what looked like 100 ft. up and 100 ft. down..just like that. Up and down erratically. My brother is also seeing this while watering his lawn at the same time without knowing that I'm witnessing this also.


    The aircraft then climmed vertical or at about 70 deg. no smoke..just climmed. I kept tracked of the flight for about 1 minute and from where I was standing the aircraft in the distance looked the size of a nickle..


    It climed for 12 or 15 seconds and it then dove straight down for 5 seconds an it instantly disappeared. i'm telling you it disappeared with a lot of sky underneath and no tree line or houses blocking my view.


    I told my brother later that night of what I had seen..I was amazed that 3 miles away he saw the same thing.


    The funny thing is that there was no airshow going on anywhere in that town. I still wonder what the hell happened or why was it mauvering like that. I can't explain it for the life of me...


  11. The extracting phace of the files during installation stops at... bazar/Terrain/Map ...and a window pops up with this error:



    ? Error occured during copying old files.

    In case of error during install process you will not be able to undo.

    Do you want to continue?


    Yes No




    It's a fresh install of 1.1 I have no Mods what so ever.... Should I sellect Yes or No?



    Do I flip a coin?


  12. Installing error ?


    The extracting phace of the files during installation stops at... bazar/Terrain/Map ...and a window pops up with this error:



    ? Error occured during copying old files.

    In case of error during install process you will not be able to undo.

    Do you want to continue?


    Yes No




    It's a fresh install of 1.1 I have no Mods what so ever.... Should I sellect Yes or No?



    Do I flip a coin?

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