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  1. The best aircraft to use would be the one you like most, for whatever reason. Look at what you have already and pick the one that you find most interesting.
  2. You have to make sure that you have - "Latch" set to on in the TPOD Settings - Are within 8nm as that is the DCS Hard limit to hit something With Latch on you can fire the Laser for however long you like, even beyond the 8nm tracking limit.
  3. So we should better be using something like the GBU-24*, right? *.lua edit that has some issues still.
  4. Two Mk-84 will do just fine. As others have pointed out it may take a little while to explode after the initial hit (around 80 Seconds in my case).
  5. Weapon Integration Trials are well underway, won´t be long now.
  6. The AFC is borked for some time now (July`ish) but noone seems to bother, thus I have shelved the Harrier for the time being.
  7. Thanks much! This worked, however I am still unable to edit my older posts (see screenshot). Edit: Logging out and back in solved the Problem; thanks.
  8. Me too lost the =52d Skip= and with it the ability to edit my Posts (would have wanted to rework my youtube links). Do I need to open a Ticket, contact Support, something different?
  9. Well, it was worse in the early days, so ED is working on it With any luck it´ll even out once we also have the HTS Pod installed.
  10. If you dobber right you´ll see Wind Speed/ Direction in your DED (you can see it in the video). Ground handling has improved recently so no complains here, even if not super light and fast.
  11. Have a look here: https://forums.eagle.ru/forum/english/dcs-world-topics/mods-and-apps/dcs-mods/94674-reworked-cockpit-views-with-proper-neck Changes the default settings as well as describing what Parameters to modify for whatever you like.
  12. Hey Baily, just got DiCE and it works great out of the Box! However, my clumsy fingers have a hard time adjusting Burst Intv and Salvo Intv. You think it would be possible to make these either direct input or more granular by reducing the Max possible Value? Either way - excellent stuff & thanks for doing this!
  13. Just like your standard Airplane Skin; Mission Designer has to select them and everyone that has them sees them.
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