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  1. The JF can be landed at or near Max TO Weight ok. Shallow approach, be gentle, have as little VS as you can manage and only chop power after you´re on the ground.
  2. That was a good one - and something I know too well as well While mine likes to rip my notes apart though, she never has eaten one - so far ...
  3. Try this, 22000 Ft, 420 GS (that´s about 300-305 Indicated). After release turn 20-30° away and wait for the timer to reach 15 Seconds to Impact. Lase and enjoy the Fireworks; just be aware that it´ll take a few more seconds after the Timer reaches Zero before impact.
  4. As has been said, they do fire without a WMD-7 and they also track if you have an external designator guiding them in. Needing a SPI or not in order to get a release cue may or may not be correct, but I like to think that some kind of designation makes sense and I´d rather scrap the attack than firing them unguided.
  5. A few more animated screenshots. Nighttime Mission using BRM-1 Laser Guided Rockets
  6. https://flyingironsimulations.com/blogs/news/2022-announcements-development-report
  7. I´m no JF Expert by any means, but it seems to work fine on my end. No need to redesignate, wait for the Laser to cooldown or Point Track <- this you really only need for moving Targets. 00:00:45 Initial Setup 00:01:20 First Attack 00:02:50 Second Attack 00:04:00 Re-Attack second Target 00:05:30 Third Target 00:06:10 BDA & Off January 2022 DCS Open beta
  8. If you actually are able to reproduce at will, then please provide a track file so ED can look into it. While I only had this once a rather long time ago I couldn´t reproduce it.
  9. None (TMWH), neither for the F-16, nor any other module I own. The secret for refueling the F-16 is the same as it is for the A-10 - Practice.
  10. Just past the 8nm mark, getting the max. possible range was not part of that exercise. If Range is your concern and you have a JTAC lasing for you, you can get a valid solution & hit your Target from 10nm out. This should in theory (not tested by me) also work with a buddy out front.
  11. When that happens check if your Refueling door has somehow slipped open
  12. As has been said, the designator can cruise happy at 20k ft just inside the 8nm limit, oversee the area and guide the weapon in. The Shooter is only exposed for a very limited time and even then there is not much around that can reach out to him. And if it ist you shouldn´t be there in your A-10 in the first place. And yes, the Shooter can pick up the laser further out than the 8nm limit - you could even fire already if the designator is further out as long as he closes in by the time the weapon arrives.
  13. Other than the Method used in my Video further up I could offer this: In both cases I can hit the Target repeatedly.
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