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  1. Hi, folks, I'm pretty familiar with the ME, and have done a lot of programming. MOOSE seems awesome, but as I'm starting to work with it (very basic test scripts to this point), I'm seeing some behaviors that I don't understand. First question is timing. I'm using the following code to spawn a group and then change its waypoint. If I schedule the SwitchWayPoint after delay it works fine, but without the scheduler it doesn't work: -- Spawn the group and make a group object local HS1 = SPAWN:New('Huey') HS1:InitRandomizePosition(true, 1600*5, 0) -- ~5 mile radius HS1:Spawn() local HG
  2. Happy to help, glad you found it useful! Let me know if you have any questions as you build your pit--there's a lot to figure out as you go through this.
  3. I have a bunch of Hornet STL files available, including the lighting knobs at my GitHub site. From the front page, go to STL Files --> Knobs. I think the ones you're looking for are named "...Quad," "...Triple," and "...Flat Sides." All are designed to fit 18-spline 6mm potentiometer shafts.
  4. To other examples: Note indicates 11 comments, but only two show up: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3308226/ They are NOT the most recent, as I have seen the counter increase from 8 to 11 in the past few days, but the two comments showing have not changed. Note indicates 6 comments, but only one shows up: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3306757/ Have tried two (Chrome and Edge) and have tried an incognito window in Chrome to rule out a cache issue.
  5. Glad to see I'm not alone! Thought I was going crazy...
  6. Yes yes yes, a million times yes! WTF does flag 37 do again? Am I still using flag 19? Eric
  7. I'm noticing some strange behavior with Uncontrolled / Perform Command-Start / AI Task Push on the Supercarrier. Hornet flights all set to "Takeoff from ramp." If I have both AI flights and a Player flights on the Supercarrier, the AI flights will normally startup, taxi, and takeoff with no problem...generally long before the player can finish startup procedure. If I delay the AI startup via Uncontrolled / Perform Command-Start / AI Task Push, the AI flights will start engines at the specified time, but will not taxi until the player flight starts to move. It is not that the Player f
  8. Hmm...the curved extensions are much trickier. You can't have them screw directly onto the base because the alignment most likely won't be right. It requires a separate collar for tightening to allow you to align it. Not sure my skills are up for that, but if I figure anything out I'll PM you with the design info.
  9. Good luck, and let me know how it works out! See the update above about print settings and strength...I've had them crack when printed with 2x side walls and 20% infill.
  10. UPDATE: I have found that these have a tendency to crack at the male threads when printed with my default print settings (two side walls, 20% infill, 0.2mm layer height). I printed a "solid" one yesterday...5 side walls and 100% infill and will see how it holds up. --------------------- Hi, folks, In case anyone is interested, I have published STL files for various lengths of Warthog/Virpil extensions on my Hornet cockpit GitHub site. This started because I was using a 75mm extension in my setup, but found I really needed a 50mm. I wasn't thrilled about spending >$50 (with shipping
  11. Great looking design! For mine, I'm not thrilled with the wing fold. There's no push/pull...it's just a rotary switch, and the position between Hold and Extend toggles the push/pull. So to fold the wings after landing, the first left rotation pulls the handle, the second moves to hold, and the third moves it to fold. It's not great, but it works for as often as I need to fold/unfold. The parking brake uses a push-pull potentiometer combined with some custom Arduino code and a 3D printed collar to restrict the movement. The STL files are the "Hand brake..." parts on the GitHub page.
  12. :lol: Apparently there are other people who live in this house who occasionally want to use that space. Who knew? :smilewink:
  13. Thanks, BrassEm! It was my intention at the start to make it modular, but that got lost along the way. That said, if I decide to build another pit in the future (Viper, maybe), I could leverage a lot of the same designs. But right now I'm pretty married to the Hornet!
  14. Thanks, Gruman, I inkjet printed the panel layouts, and thought the white acrylic would give the cleanest appearance in combination with the white paper. I thought about printing the panels white-on-black, but figured that much ink would rub off and make a mess...especially on the side consoles where I rest my hands.
  15. Hi, folks, Haven't posted here before aside from a couple of questions/responses, but this has been a great source of ideas and information, so thank you all. I did want to share what I've been working on during the lockdown here in the US...my home Hornet simpit, project Quar-net or Hor-entine. I won't say this is complete, but it's at a pretty good state for the moment. It's not as sexy as some of the projects out there with lights and dials, but it is very practical for VR use. A brief description of the construction below and a few more pictures, but if you're interested I've pla
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