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  1. Hey Grandsurf, great work. I enjoy watching the progress. :) I might have missed it, but do you intend to release the highres textures seperatley to the added structures and vehicles? I ask because I feel it might get a bit too tricky to taxi with bigger planes, suchas tankers or AWACS, around the "Street lamps" and other structures near the taxiways and aprons. Or is there no collision model for it and this is not an issue at all?
  2. Hey Mistral Virtual Panel and Touch Buddy are two different softwares. Virtual Panel can be used to display most instruments of your aircraft in Lockon on a second screen (“Output only”). Touch Buddy is used to enter commands to your aircraft via a graphical interface which is displayed on a second screen (“Input only”). The commands can be triggered either by clicking with your mouse, or in case you are using a touch screen, by tapping on in. Virtual Panel and Touch Buddy can somehow be combined and displayed on one screen, but I have no Idea how to do it and therefore I am using 2 screens
  3. Glad to hear that it worked =) I have no idea about the background color. Maybe in the config file? Just had a look. It seems to me that you can not change the color. Probably because the insruments also use this gray color.
  4. Ratcatcher, I have a game pc and a second pc with virtual panel. I copied the export.lua and the config.lua in my Lockon\Config\export folder on the game pc. In the export.lua I replaced the "localhost" with the ip of computer, on which VP is running: host = host or "". And also make sure that in the config.lua export is set to true: EnableExportScript = true And that should be it. Just make sure, that no firewall blocks vp. Jason, VP has a slight inpact on the performance of your pc but with a dualcore cpu, this shouln't be an issue. So its probably just a quest
  5. I will, somewhen... :) I've been thinking about buying a new TFT but up to now, it wasn't such a big need for me.
  6. Having read some posting in this forum regarding the software of simmeters, I downloaded the client workspace software. In general it works and looks ok. Still there seems to be some performance issues when I try to export as many instruments as shown in the picture below. The instruments will then have a noticeable delay and are overall a bit bumpy (a refresh rate of about 0.5 sec?). If only 1 to about 4 instruments are shown, it runs quite smooth. Running the software on a 1.6ghz, 512 mb Ram and WinXP Notebook, I can not really imagine, that this is a hardwareissue. Therefore I wante
  7. No signs of a rush at the moment. I am donwloading with about 100KB/sek. Perhaps you try it lateron again = )
  8. Your design looks promising, leafer. I am looking forward seeing the finished pit. As I have no skills in working with metals etc. I had to use wood = )
  9. Take an existing object. The yellow bus or the antenna might do it =)
  10. But dont worry, if you are on red side, just ask your spies if they can "organize" some "material" = ) Btw. JaBoG32 officially recommends CAW
  11. Try Divx (http://www.divx.com/divx/?src=toptab_divx_from_/index.php) VLC-Player should play it too (http://www.videolan.org/vlc/) I'm not sure which codec it is exactley because I have different ones installed.
  12. You might be referring to one of these two videos. Swiss Air Force - Push the limit (180 Mb) MIII (35 Mb low res) But i am not aware of any full version of the Mig vs Hornet engagement.
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