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  1. @Banzaiib I think it's also fair to point out however on the link to Mikes quote, nowhere does it state "Glove Vanes are definately going to be included, that's a promise." Infact it states quite the opposite, there was an original plan to do it but clearly states it is potentially subject to change. Clearly weighing the pros and cons concluded it would be changed and not worth the resources to go ahead and rework the FM. Even if any FM modifications are minor, which sounds like a simple task, bear in mind any changes they make can...and more often than not, WILL break something else and
  2. Thanks for the news! Admittedly I'm alittle bumbed to see that the Forrestal and F-14A will likely not be released until late Summer. But I fully support the change in priority of bringing the A ahead of the Forrestal all things considered. Out of curiosity, you mentioned exterior sound overhaul for the F-14B. Are the current sound effects inaccurate or do they simply just not match the desired quality you were after? (Haven't seen an F-14 fly since I was like 4, so I hardly remember it, or what it sounds like.)
  3. Oh no, the opposite. It's going to be a USN F-14a shared for both US and Iran. Atleast that's what I got from it. Heres the post I was referring to. https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=4316281&postcount=187
  4. @Top Jockey That's honestly my line of thinking. Most of the work is already done so I would've thought it wouldn't be too complicated to include in the A version. Then again I'm not a game/sim dev so I don't really know. But I just recall seeing that HB stated the A model is going to be the same for both USN and IRIAF, just flying different colours respectively. And since Iran didn't have the TCS on their F-14s, it's going to be the same for the USN model as it's recycled. Atleast that's my understanding of how their approaching this.
  5. I believe it was more due to the fact that the MFDs weren't as user friendly, compared to what NATO aircraft would be using. Causing more workload on the pilot than what would really be necessary. Subsequently, this could often cause a reduction in pilot awareness, having to have their focus stretched so far. I recall hearing something like this from an interview (Aircrew Interviews channel) with a Luftwaffe pilot that flew the Mig-29 after securing them and made comments on this issue, if my memory serves me right.
  6. I too am more so interested in the USN F-14A. It is the model that made the aircraft famous for what it could do best in my personal opinion. I would hope to see the TCS functional with the USN A model, even if it means waiting till after release for it to be implemented. (Although I know how many feel about adding unfinished features after release. To me, the TCS is something I can handle going without, but would just like to see it included.) In the end I'm always pro variety, so even including a model without a functional TCS and cover would also be cool to have as an option. Btw
  7. Judging from the information that's been given here. I've narrowed it down to what I believe could be one of the following. F-111 Aardvark - Highly requested and fits the timeline given. Was also regarded to be quite challenging to fly. This also fits the milestone for ED specifically as it would be their first fully functional multicrew and swing wing aircraft to my knowledge. That said, Heatblur already accomplished this with the F-14. Panavia Tornado - Also highly requested and fits the timeline given. Like the F-111, it fits the milestone accomplishment of multi crew and s
  8. I will also admit, that after having read alittle more about the F-111, I'd be quite happy if it were to be the next Module HB did. That said, I'd be just as happy with some more European aircraft all the same. In particular the Tornado or Buccaneer. One thing's for sure is that DCS could certainly use more low ground attack/interdictor class aircraft.
  9. Experiences can vary, but by no means do I disagree with the full turning capabilities of an F-14. I recall a recent video by Grim Reapers of a guy who really knew his stuff when it came to the Tomcat, that managed to out turn 3 F-16s in a gun fight. The plane is perfectly capable of some amazing stuff, it just takes alot more effort then most highly manoeuvrable aircraft to do so. Atleast in my experience. It is also true that energy retention is more forgiving with the Tomcat than some aircraft. Though during a turn fight, one of the most important things I found to keep an eye on
  10. As far as tutorials go, I'd suggest looking up some videos on youtube by Jabbers and even a few by Grim Reapers that are pretty helpful. As for some tips, the simpler means to dogfighting in an F-14 is to remember it's ideally an energy fighter. Trying to out turn highly manuerable aircraft like F-16s, Mig-29s etc is going to be extremely challenging, though not impossible. It's probably recommended for beginners to work on out running and/or out climbing the enemy to reset the engagement, then turn back in with quick passes. Of course this may not work so well against other energy
  11. Purchased! Glad to to see the situation was resolved in the end. Thanks ED.
  12. ^This! I fully understand the business practices of Companies that wish to utilizie their own store, while selling their products on platforms like Steam. But the simple harsh truth is that we are the customers, and it is not our responsibility to care about a companies business practice. Therefore we should not feel forced or tricked into buying the same product from another service through the use of exclusive promotions, simply because it's better for that Company. That said, I don't mean to encourage people to disregard their favorite developers financial stability. This should be
  13. Great to hear I'm not alone! lol But I agree and have accepted the reality and likelyhood of getting a Buccaneer module in the near future. I still gave it my vote regardless.
  14. Personally, I'm a pretty big fan of the Buccaneer, and would love to actually fly this bird in DCS someday. Especially the Navy version with the Audacious class carrier and the whole nine yards...(Hey I can dream!). Anyway, I know I'm part of the minority in that regard and can tell this is something that is highly unlikely to happen any time soon. With that in mind, my realistic vote would probably have to go to the Tornado.
  15. Some really well done skin mods in this thread for sure. I'd like to request if anyone wouldn't mind creating this Sluggers paint scheme, would be very much appreciated! :D
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