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  1. I could load DCS world stable version but when I tryed to load a patrol mission Mi-24P in syria I got blue screen. The last update for both stable and beta has resulted in no working version of DCS world.
  2. I updated dcs world beta and it doesn't start. I updated dcs world stable and It works no problem. This has become a recurring problem with the beta version. The 2.7 update had the same problem and ED released a fix update that made it work. I can't find a "frenchpack" in dcs world beta? /JD dcs.log
  3. Last patch fixt the DCS World start up problem but the F/A-18C has no HSI MAP???
  4. I'm in the same boat as Silver Dart Sims. DCS won't start after update.
  5. I would like to know what the solution was? Best regards Jsood
  6. Jsood


    I have tried multiple settings as you described, same resutl BOOOOOM...... heatblur has changes something along the way. I used to do this before without problems. Has anyone seen a good turorial on the subject?
  7. I baught the AJS37 when it was released but I have’nt used it. Now I encounter a problem, I started up from cold & dark followed chuck’s guide and did’nt get any hud symbols after start up? I’ve missed somthing, I’m sure. A little help would be nice. :-)
  8. Jsood


    My goal is to release all 14 bombs with one pickle. I have NOSE/TAIL fuse and I tryed different delay and diffrent spacing(forgott the right term). You pickled 7 times in pairs if I got it right.
  9. I have tried different ripple settings and I just blow my self up trying to Lo LvL bomb with Mk-82 Snakeeye. I'm relly need some tips how to set up with JESTER. :helpsmilie: /JD
  10. P47D screens One from the nose and two all bangd up
  11. Is it me not knowing how or is it impossible to order your F-16C wingman to air refuel? /Johan
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