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  1. Yes got that and I tried again with the Falcon PG campaign and this time it worked, I must clicked the wrong combp somehow. Now when I got the missions at the server.. how to start the mission, in single play I choose the campaign and start from there in the server I need to select it, so is it Falcon over PG_ongoing or Falcon over PG_First, the cmp file is not selected in the server browser. I'm new to DCS server and just want it get right so I can enjoy it. Also in SP uyou get this bat file running how does that work in the MP, do I need to be at the server and select the options or is
  2. Now the next issue, not really related to the campaign but to setup. Cant pick the F-16..., Server is dedicated so it should have all modules in it but when trying to pick the F-16 it's greyed out, if I picked the M2000 it worked... don't have the M2000 on my playing rig so it will be a issue when connecting I assume. Skipped mission, next same thing. Now I sorted it in a way that I didn't expect. Loaded in the FA18 campaign, then run the bat and selected the F16, all went thrue, now the FA 18 missions was grayed out and unselectable but the F16 had 2 selectable missions. Wierd bu
  3. thx got it, my blind eyes didn't read all instructions so I entered 1 instead of 1es when selecting. All well bat file run as it should
  4. So I decided to put my laptop to use, installed the openbeta server, installed DCE,, so far no issues, set up all in router added in a mission folder and a few simple missions. Connecting and all seems to run as expected. Now I run the (after altering the lua script to the one included) and run the firstmission.bat selecting Multiplayer, selecting Target option then I select F16C-50 as plane. Invalid option... Selecting any plane ... invalid option, a-g I belive was the options, none worked. Fresh install of everything and this game stopper.
  5. Guess you actually can do this by scripting in a condition that tell them to disengage if below x altitude. like if in combat and x altitude disengage and go to a RP then rejoin, and restrict AB use there too. Not good at LUA but I'm certain it could be done. The risk is that they just end up with a missile in their bum when disengaging. So yeah a ROE rule like don't AA combat below an altitude could be useful
  6. Yeah been using this trick for Arma 3 and Falcon BMS before, just has do dust the old Laptop off and install it. Hopefully I will get playable frames in VR with the viper. the old FC3 planes runs smooth in VR the viper, not so much. Not tried the Viggen yet but I guess it's somewhere between FC3 and Viper.
  7. Thing is I did use the installer before I swapped to open beta and the PG campaign was running fine. After installed open beta the installer no longer works so I decided to just do it manually, witch is perfectly fine for me. Understand perfectly, it's his mod and I'm just happy he decided to share it with us. Doesn't mean there is no room for variations and improvement as you guy's are doing. Only done some digging in the Moose project in lua. Just looking at the base map I do se similarity's in the concept so I will have a look in the code in time, IRL stopped me last time I trie
  8. Ok installed open beta over the current version and you know, the .openbeta is nowhere to be found, it kept the original names. I got the campaign running by doing a manual install of it and skipped the DCE installer and the OvGME and used the path users\%username%\saved games\DCS\mods\tech\DCE\Missions\Campaigns\Falcon over PG Now this however ids not working for the Nordic Battle for the Viggen. Tried to change the 2 bat files with the "manual" directory stepping start "Generate First Mission" cmd /k "..\..\..\..\..\..\..\bin\luae.exe Scripts/BAT_FirstMission.lua & exit" , proven t
  9. So The problem with excessive fuel consumption is same in all aircrafts
  10. 2021 some modules later and this is still a major bug. Will not call it any other just flew a mission in my viper, simple traning run at about 300 miles half way wingman call bingo, send him to tanker, 70 miles away. Never heard from him again since he ejected before reaching the tanker. What did he do... running burner all the way.. I landed with almost 4000lb of fuel, we both had center tank. Saw in their roadmap that they will try to give the ai an overhaul... most needed as the rest of parts for the Viper. Wish they actually finished a sold early access before putting out a new and fixed
  11. Since the tanker is tied to groundspeed I always use Mach number to get a consistent IAS
  12. Guess I will invest in the Supercarrier later, use to fly Janes F/A 18 and had a blast of time with the squad I flew with back then, was before the Falcon came out so damn it's a long time ago.
  13. Falcon_over_PG-20.43.66.zip, Syria Persian Gulf.. lots of sand Understand Will give it a go, if It fails in my face I have to consider open beta. Dynamic campaigns is just what I was missing in DCS, so now I can fly my viper in a war with VR, after I learn all the buttons on the hotas again... kind of hard to fiddle with the keyboard in VR. Thx for a quick reply. Just wanted to fill in had to run everything in Admin mode, as stated in the original thread. And the QVGME never saw the missionscript.lua file so I just copied it manually to the DCSWorld\Scripts after saving th
  14. Ok I'm probably a an alphabet when it comes to search. Been having a long brake from DCS and flight Sims and just recently got back, Did some BMS to get warm and then found this campaigns. Now every where it says open beta I don't have open beta and just wonder is ot required or can you just run regular bazar, do I need to change something in a Lua. Campaign I want to try is the Falcon in Syria. This comes with a installer... hmm not really found of mods in exe files even if it's convenient also does this lock it to open beta? Looking at the pdf file it shows some weird names with double un
  15. ok found the campaign to DCS after some years of absence from the sim gaming. They say I need the OvGME.. ok got it downloaded and then what no file to run in this . Or is it only for hi tech nowhows to be able to use the campaign. Annoyed nevermind found a exe hidden 5 dirs down a well
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