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  1. that was it. Thank you again sir , much appreciated.
  2. I am also unable to place f-14 tomcats down now, wonder if something is corrupting and then its not loading the asset into ME.
  3. Yeah after selecting coalitions, There is no option for Combined task force anymore once the map loads.. I tried doing a check on install already. any suggestions??
  4. Hi I have noticed some new bugs in the mission editor. 1. combined join task force red does not get all the air defense Radars all of a sudden 2. after i try to use combined joint task force in mission editor, it then disappears along with combined joint blue. Thanks
  5. [REPORTED]SYRIA MAP: AI landing in beirut hit a tree Anyone else have this? the AI always want to land on runway 17 and there are houses and a tree in the way of approach so they hit them before landing.. managed to blow the houses up with some IDF artillery, but the tree ended up still KOing the C-130. Beirut International
  6. Hi TonyG, I would prefer an answer to my question rather than more questions. thanks.
  7. Hi there, I am trying to get the GCICAP script to work in a mission, please could somebody have a look at this mission and tell me if its set up properly? even though i change parameters in the .lua they do not reflect in the mission with ai spawn and whatnot. Thanks. Holiday Inn_0.0.2.miz
  8. Hi there, I was wondering if anyone could assist me, I cannot get the su24's to attack a US convoy moving along a road.. they seem to always go for the ships. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated, Thank you. Operation LarV_0.8.3.miz
  9. When you re-arm, are you updating your data cartridge?
  10. When the deck crew runs, the animation they chose looks so damn weird.. like the have a carrot up the ol anus
  11. Two years to develop one chopper module?? whats your staff count?
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