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  1. Did anyone test how engine damage is modeled in our Harrier? 120% RPM is limited to 15 seconds, how would exceeding this time limit affect engine performance? Will it noticeably degrade if this overtime is like 5 seconds? Also, are there plans to enable engine life count dissipation (as an estimate of engine's probable datum deviation and it's resource/stress tolerance)?
  2. 1) IRMV can be boresighted by caging it and then pressing NWS button as it is in it's "standard" undesignate mode when IRMV is caged (it still changes Maverick FoV if it is uncaged but not SOI, not sure if this is right), after that uncage the Maverick and it should be in boresight. 2) APKWS works fine for me, but I remember some trouble with them not guiding after using IRMV or some other weapon in-between APKWS launches. Couldn't reproduce exact conditions for this though. Check laser mode, it works for weapon guidance in Laser (LASR), Designator+Marker (D+M) and, I think, Eyes modes.
  3. Now we will learn to fly the almost-real one though. Seems like a good thing to me.
  4. I am flying regularly, since 2.7 update wheel chocks can be removed before taxi, with engine on.
  5. Three screens from vertical landing and takeoff: No data Hexagon is here now No data again Looks like numerical readouts disappear at values that don't yet trigger hexagon display, so pilot has no info about his engine on HUD until ratings are reduced into numerical display range or increase in the hexagon display. Also, "W" water flow HUD indicator sometimes (?) doesn't appear while RPM and JPT are displayed as numbers.
  6. Some pictures with real HUD during final moments (descent from hover) of VL: Looks like dry schedule, 109 RPM/710 JPT (max thrust rating, time limited to 15 minutes) Touchdown - third leg of JPT hexagon. IN-game VL and VTO are very much possible with masses up to 21 000 lbs, they just limited by water and engine lift rating time. With good engine management you can do an STO from LHA deck with short lift wet and 28000+ lbs, and still have 380 lbs of water for VL on wet schedule, but you need to time the transition to hover right. And all NATOPS performance charts giv
  7. Can I set up rockets (Zuni for example) to fire a ripple? Al the settings I have tried resulted in simultaneous launch of all rockets according to selected quantity. So, for example, quantity of 4 with multiplier of 1 results in all rockets from one full Zuni block flying off simultaneously despite setting an interval of 200 ft (or any other); setting multiplier as 2 launches two blocks of 4 rockets at the same moment. And FF rocket mode setting doesn't affect this behaviour as far a I can tell. Is that as it should be working? I remember that it was possible to fire two full Zuni blocks in a
  8. Tracks were made before TDC action/no action was enabled for DMT.
  9. AV-8B TOT.trk AV-8B TTT.trk Here, air start, empty map with 5 waypoints. Time functions were tested on waypoints other than the first. Time window for both TTT and TOT was pretty close to time to waypoint (which is displayed on EHSD). In an example with TOT I was able to reach waypoint 4 close to desired time by simply comparing HUD timer provided by TOT function and time to waypoint from EHSD and adjusting speed accordingly. Both TOT and TTT seem to display way too low speed at the beginning and steadily increasing it to the unreachable numbers (despite the fact that most of the way
  10. I didn't compare current engine performance to NATOPS performance charts (because using those is a puzzle I can't fully comprehend yet), but at a glance, this engine is closer to reality than what we had before. It still can do 450+ kts at ground level with less than 100% RPM (well within time-unlimited engine ratings) and full load, you just can't VTO/RVTO with more than 22 000 lbs as you could before (NATOPS allows calculations only up to 21 000 for "short lift wet" rating, which is limited to 15 seconds) and get to 40 000 ft while maintaining 0.80+ Mach at 90% RPM (which was almost better p
  11. AV-8B wpn sel, DMT drift.trk Yep, got this behaviour too. Also, this track has Mk. 82 AIR selection bug, when those are placed on outermost pylons, they can only be selected separately from the same bombs on other pylons, and top row of OSBs will be occupied by two instances of MK82s in two modes and "gun", so, if you have another kind of weapon onboard, it can only be selected with station buttons on armament control panel. Selection bug is reported in separate topic.
  12. If outermost pylons are loaded with Mk.82 AIR ballute bombs in addition to the same bombs on any other stations, those two outer ones require separate selection, fuze setting and can't be dropped in a ripple with AIRs from other stations. In my tests this occured only with AIRs. Snakeeyes, slick bombs and Mk. 20s were selected at once on all pylons and rippled together. Also, if another type of weapon is loaded along with AIRs in this setup (like Hydras on inner pylons for example), it can not be selected from STRS page, as all the OSBs in top row will be occupied by bomb
  13. Earlier in development this occured constantly and was attributed to INS drift during high-G manoeuvres messing up DMT target point location (even if IFA and GPS coupling was active). I haven't noticed this behaviour recently, with IFA and POS/GPS enabled, in correct time periods and coalitions for GPS to work.
  14. Do these functions work as intended now? I have tried both methods, with reasonable times, and was unable to make them work. TTT just steadily increased required speed, even though I was flying towards target waypoint faster than recommended, and TOT just displayed static speed all the time.
  15. Edit: EHSD TGT and STP symbology is correct as is, my mistake. Trying self-lased LMAV attack, I have encountered the following: after marking target and firing my laser, I used SSS forward long (in TPOD HOTAS mode) to switch to LMAV from TPOD screen, which worked. Then Maverick uncaged, locked on laser spot and launched without any problems, and lasing continued, but when I tried to return on TPOD page with SSS press twice, lasing stopped as soon as the page was opened. Maybe this is caused by TPOD being deselected or reselected as SOI, but it seems wrong. Is it? AV-8B TPOD + LMAV.tr
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