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  1. I tried it twice last night. I'll give it another shot tonight if I get a chance
  2. Trying to play thru mission 1. As I'm moving thru start procedure, some vehicle comes speeding down the apron and hits the front of my aircraft without even slowing. Then the instructor accuses *me* of damaging the aircraft. Can't even start the mission & fail on my own (lack of) merit. Would be nice if this could get fixed so I can actually try this campaign
  3. Nothing, you helped me through it not long after i posted that, works like a charm now
  4. Theres a lot of pictures online of this one, i think its an interesting look.. the non-captured ones lack the yellow "V" and star of david, for obvious reasons
  5. Chickenhawk by bob Mason
  6. Well, if and when it gains the letters "ule" and goes from being a mod to a paid module, the sonic boom you hear will be the shekels launching themselves from my wallet in Piktun's direction
  7. I would agree, if you wanna sell off body parts as scrap to get a module..well...theyre yours, you should be able to do what you want with them, but i figgered id pass on the warning. You never can be too careful
  8. Baco- i would be cautious if i were you. i dont remember seeing anything about it in the forum rules, but i have a feeling trafficking in human organs -even your own- might be a bannable offense. perhaps Newey or 9L can weigh in on that?
  9. not sure what Pitkun would be able to use your kidney for. i dont even know what the kidney-to-shekel exchange rate is.
  10. i only got to mess around with it for a few minutes, but looking better. wish there was a paint kit avail before you shut the project down indefinitely thanx for everything so far tho!
  11. Better load up on that stuff. If u dont hoard some now, there may be a run on it later and what if you need some soil in a gardening emergency and find out theres a shortage?! Where will you get your dirt then? Load up, my man, load up. All i got to say about that
  12. Please, no. Weve had about 15 months too much of 2020. Can't take another 5 years of it
  13. The continued success of il2 supports this. Some people want to enjoy flight simming without a few months of study to use systems effectively...i mean, that mastery is rewarding but if youre long on responsibilities and commitments but short on time, the idea of a lengthy flight session may not be feasible. I sometimes go a few weeks because i cant budget an hour or two in one sitting to get a basic flying session in. Some of the esoterica we've come to expect in a dcs module represents perishable skills in some cases even to the RL pilots...even more so to the average joe with plenty of oth
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