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  1. Made a short video with the F-5. What a sweet little plane that is. (Any tips on how I can get the frames to smooth out? is it due to not having vsync on, when you look at the plane? it "jumps" ever so slightly in its movements" Also, how would you get smoother panning of the free look? is that possible? It's not only the A-10 that has a "brrrrrrrt!"
  2. There is a bug with the navigation, I cant seem to find what is is. do you have the same ? It wont go the next waypoint, only previous....
  3. Haha. yeah I bet. Figured I'll try to get it working with a simpler plane first. but even with the su27 . it takes a lot of time. Im going to try to implement the 3 way autopilot on it tomorrow. give it a test. I attached the files in the previous post
  4. Figured out the functions and all. Give it a go.! Working script for the su27, Should work for the Mig and Su33 also, haven't tested that. Working with a pinky modifier, 3 sub-functions, 2a2, nav and a2g (a2g is left empty atm since I don't use that much) Throttle lights indicate what program you are in. (a2a, nav or a2g) It also has a Flare and Caff program. I don't have a stick atm, that's why its all mapped to the throttle. Give me some feedback and Ill change it for you if you like to use this script. su27.zip
  5. Been baning my head with this. It's so backward... One thing I don't understand, in the manual of target it says you can make functions. But they are more like variables . Am I not understanding something here? Can I write my own functions inside main() ? And how can I call it ? and how can I printf flag values ? Can you only printf strings ? not flag values ?
  6. Hi all. Been working on a script for the Harrier. Still a bit to go , but main modes and sensors working. working, a2a mode (speed break forward) Attaching file here, feel free to comment on ideas to put in. (only for the throttle atm, since I do not have a stick yet) harrier.zip
  7. New problem. How do I get the EXEC to run on line 49 here? How can I combine it with the CHAIN? It's not setting the value on the flag.
  8. Hi all. Bought the Warthog Throttle. And I am having a go at scripting, its pretty fun. Just reading the manual atm. My plan is to make a working script for the Harrier. good times :) One question about the MapAxis optional parameters. with the slew axis I wrote this : MapAxis(&Throttle, SCX, DX_XROT_AXIS, MAP_RELATIVE); MapAxis(&Throttle, SCY, DX_YROT_AXIS, MAP_RELATIVE); But when I test it in the device analyzer, they return to the center. I thought they were supposed to stay at the maximum or minimum value reached until you change your movement directi
  9. Components done Did the update. I came across some money flow and got it done a bit faster than expected. MotherBoard : B-450-F Ram: 32 GB dd4 3600 G.skill CPU : AMD 3700 x GPU : 1080 TI I am planning on upgrading the cpu again prop in the fall when the new AMD cpu are out, I got a sweet deal on the GPU, bought it second hand. for 400 euros. Planning on upgrading that also after the new 4000 series are out. or a better AMD card that supports freesync And! Ordered a HP Reverb VR headset, Virpil base and deskplates. Good times :)
  10. I put it up on ebay 3 days left, place your bids. https://www.ebay.com/itm/402236728206?_trksid=p2471758.m4704&fbclid=IwAR2EB9meMvrZh-klwC6jI4Ym47fMTzyLCSIJcsE7MfbHvVM7PndJ1C9NkKs#shpCntId
  11. 50 euros ?? ? haha. No
  12. sendt you a pm about the 1080 ti
  13. Selling HOTAS COUGAR . the stick base seems be be broken. But the Throttle works great!. Send me a offer
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