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  1. Hey guys, I gave the World 2.0 a shot today and I was really impressed. Those graphics are very suitable and the performance was buttery smooth on my old CPU. I´m pretty much teased to reenter the cockpit for a deeper study of the mi8. Good work ED, even if it took a little longer.
  2. Hmm, must have missed the point when Dcs raised its requirements. My System went old anyway :(
  3. I got the same problem with a phenom 2 945 3 Ghz x4, 4gig, win7 64 and GTX 470. It runs mostly fluid but then I got the same freezes for up to 10 secs which ocurre more often with growing game time and they get longer. Kills DCS since a long time for me. Haven´t done a reinstall since many patches because of a very slow internet connection. (no mods installed)
  4. Thank you very much :) Waited so long for this.
  5. Great, I can't remember the last time the weather wasn't perfect in my flights. :thumbup:
  6. Same here, take on was a little disapointing.
  7. I spent some time with sound modding, so I listened to a lot of sounds made by ED with professional audio hardware. I came to the conclusion that sound modding isn't necessary in any way. The p51 sounds fantastic and so does the huey. (Same for ka50 and a10c)
  8. My ISP provides me with astonishing 400kB/s, this will take months to complete.
  9. To a certain point, yes. I had to do an emergency landing with my shark cause I needed to puke. Thats not very useful in dombat especially if you re the lead. :D
  10. DCS just needs a a mesh with a higher resolution to get some smooth mountains and some "fresher", greener, lievelier groundtextures. I guess thats not a big problem, so I´m pretty confident EDGE will get this done.
  11. I've build an entire set of garden furniture. If my Huey isn't released soon, I've to rent another garden to find a find a place for them.
  12. Rest in peace Jim, thanks for all that you've done for the community.:)
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