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  1. Do I always need the CD in the drive to Play BS or is there a problem after my English 1.01 patch install?
  2. Is it possible to use the X45's "Modes" functions as mapped via the Black Shark HOTAS Setup utility or can it only be used via an external Saitek Profile? Like using: Mode 1 for NAV Mode 2 for Combat Mode 3 for Emergency I've been able to use the Pinkie Switch as a "Shift" command but was wondering about the above as well. THANKS!
  3. This is my new shortcut post patch... "C:\Program Files (x86)\Eagle Dynamics\Ka-50\bin\stable\Launcher.exe" --console And here's the error message: BlackShark: Launcher.exe - No Disk Does this mean after the 1.01c Patch that I now need the disk in CD drive everytime I intend to play BS? Could it be a VISTA 64 issue? Dang I wich I remembered what the previous "FIX" was...
  4. Nope... I remember having this problem before and it seemed to be related to the Language/English verion I believe which required me to possibly remove a file????
  5. I had to reinstall BS after a critical HDD Failure requiring a reformat. I just installed the 1.01c patch over my vanilla 1.00 CD copy. Now, everytime I start BS I'm getting an error that says "No CD Found" or something along those lines. What do I have to do to fix this issue. Thanks!
  6. Use the Joystick "Pinkie Switch" as a "MODIFIER" then you can double your buttons up. :) With the "MODIFIER" set (pinkie switch depressed) you can use the stick Hat normally used for views for Shval slewing or zoom/target gate size (my current setup). I use the 4-way Hat on the Throttle for slewing ShKval. On the real heli it's on the stick but I find that I'm using the stick to micro steer and it's a pain to use the Hat on stick while doing so. Your can reverse throttle Axis in the "Axis Tune" menu. I also suggest setting a slight deadzone for the cyclic stick and adding a slight pos
  7. Yes, but who cares about grass blades being modelled when your in an A-10 screaming along at 600 meters AGL and at 180 kts (A-10, ED Screens). I'd rather prefer to see the grass blades when I'm hovering just a few meters high. Ground terrain is most important when your low and slow as in a Heli Sim. :smilewink:
  8. I've tried trimming after landing but your heli will only slide in one predetermined direction each and every single time (to the right and slightly back). Therefore I don't believe it's a trim issue as you would slide in multiple directions, each time you land, depending on your trim. I tired trimming after touchdown, canceled AH and applied wheelbrakes/parkingbrakes but it still happens albet very slowly. I'm dead on when landing on Helipads in FARPS (never slide nor roll) and always retrim, cancel AH and apply wheelbrakes and parking brakes but there is definately a problem with th
  9. Nope, Wheel Brakes doesn't help at all unfortunately. :( I keep sliding right off the deck after making a spot landing in the "Courier" Mission.
  10. Everytime I land on a Frigate Heli Pad my Heli immediately starts sliding off into the water (to the right and back). Is this an issue with landing on Frigates in this game and if so is there any way to "STICK" these landings and stay put?
  11. O.K. Guess I go the route of, "if it ain't Broke". :thumbup: B.T.W. Anyone know if there are going to be any more future patches for this title or is it officially done now that the A-10 is in the works?
  12. I DL'ed and installed 1.0.1 patch as soon as it was released but realized that there is now a 1.0.1.a "hotfix" patch. I have and play the "English" version of BS so do I need to DL and install the "A" hotfix update patch? Also, can I play online without the "A" hotfix? Don't really want to install the hotfix if it messes with my game/controller configuration files as the 1.0.1 update did. ;)
  13. Does this campaign "overwrite" the stock one?
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