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  1. I may not understand what you mean, but 114L and radar is confirmed and will appear after early access
  2. в рлэ 2012 года AN/ALQ-144A(V)3 все еще указана
  3. was modernized in 2005 similar to other US helicopters, flares are paired with MAWS 2002 cannot use flares
  4. лучше бы был британский конечно , но его в "экосистему" не встроить и купят меньше
  5. the mouse is the most convenient type of view, apart from VR, besides without releasing my hands, I can switch to the clickable cockpit and back very quickly. for example, on the hornet I have enough buttons for the hotas principle by the way, not from a good life, but this is the best option if there is no hotas
  6. yes probably need a new mouse with 4+ side buttons) in fact it is not so inconvenient
  7. i play with mouse + joystick on the mouse 3 modifiers for all joystick buttons and I think it won't be enough apparently will have to change something
  8. i know i mean i don't have enough modifier buttons I have enough for hornet
  9. to be honest, the only thing that worries me about the longbow is the number of buttons, joysticks and controllers on its hotas I have a rather old joystick, I don't have enough buttons for modifiers)) is there any duplication of functions on the gгnner handgrips?
  10. possibility of exchanging information about enemy targets, if we are talking about a pair with radars, then search and designation from Kiowas is not used, instead of this, the organization of the strike by longbow forces in addition, increased awareness of radar threats, and the ability to counter them in the event of using a longbow missile in short, situational awareness and working with it in a group however, you already know it fairly obvious things
  11. at least both pilots have the same ability to fly and use systems well, and besides, I think they will come up with some kind of bot that can pilot while you use weapons
  12. now the discussion is not on "64A or nothing" We talk "64A or 64D" and what's the difference how many radars were supplied? I mean that the radar radically changed the Apache tactics with it it became really unique
  13. Despite the fact that the 64A was the best attack helicopter but at the same time it was not something outstanding it acquired its distinctive features precisely in the longbow modification.
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