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  1. Majik

    Better Smoke

    Got it, it's a shame, but at least your beautiful smoke still works flawlessly Also, I saw this a while back, so hopefully it comes true?
  2. Majik

    Better Smoke

    Worked like a charm. Thanks! There's no such easy workaround for your better trees, is there? It exhibits exactly the same problem, but I assume it's heavily texture dependant, so never bothered to ask...
  3. Majik

    Better Smoke

    Hi Taz, Since yesterday's patch, the V7 MP version is causing issues online. It still passes IC, but loading into certain servers (with pure texture requirements I think) cause a hang on role select, as I get with better trees installed. Smoke was working fine the day before on the same server I tried.
  4. That's what I was trying (but failed) to get at; a lot of similar issues cropping up for many folks, manifesting in slightly different ways. I can't reproduce it consistently either, and it looks like, as you said, vram issues.
  5. Does your Steam VR crash when this happens? If so, issues like this are happening to a lot of us: https://forums.eagle.ru/forum/english/dcs-world-topics/input-and-output/virtual-reality/vr-issues-aa/290487-investigating-dcs-causing-steamvr-fail-description-evidence-and-how-to-replicate
  6. Majik

    80’s skins

    These were uploaded just today: http://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3313076/
  7. Changelog specifically said the HARM sensor database was updated. Guy in my squadron gave these codes: 127 7 HQ-7 launcher 128 HQ HQ-7 search radar no idea where they came from
  8. Does anyone know the DED ID for an HQ-7? It was supposedly added to the sensor database this last patch, but no info on the google doc.
  9. Majik

    A-10c 2

    Thanks for checking, I also managed to get it working on a setup mission, with a Hawg callsign. Must be something wrong with the instant action mission I was using before.
  10. RIP I've got the buttons mapped for easy access on a buttonbox, and still can't imagine how annoying that must be to setup everytime. I do smash that save button a good few times after though to make sure it's set.
  11. Majik

    A-10c 2

    New callsigns work fine now, but has anyone been able to get JTAC working? Whenever I call to check in, either with voice commands or the options menu, I get no response back (pilot subtitles come up, so the call is going out)
  12. There's a save view binding further down in "view cockpit" which saves what you've set. Very, very occasionally it bugs out and I'll have to re-do it, but for the most part once I set a VR view in a module, I'm good to go. Agreed on yor HMD point though, sometimes I have to to turn it off when rolling in for guns or I'll have a big old SPI icon and other symbology obscuring the target.
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