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  1. On a multiplayer flight, an airplane has its weapons and additional tanks pulled out, following its leader... Exaggerated turbulence? of course not:) now it's turbulence, off
  2. Hello Kate, is it possible to stop developing the "voice chat" ? I won't use it, I use the "SRS" utility which gives complete satisfaction and without bug. It will be better than coding a utility that already exists, and that nobody will use because everybody uses the "SRS" to do that. Instead, if I may say so, put your resources on the supercarrier, so that it goes upwind during takeoffs and landings in an automatic way, like the other excellent "Moose" module does. Which brings to your simu what you should have done a long time ago. Or time, to finish what is long overdue and that I p
  3. Will the aircraft carrier face the wind for take-offs and landings ? Could he be told to stand in the wind?
  4. Hello Capt, any news on the progress of the pit ? Thank you.
  5. --autoexecute sample for model viewer --mount_vfs_liveries_path("CoreMods/aircraft/FA-18C/Liveries/FA-18C_hornet") --mount_vfs_texture_path("Mods/aircrafts/Wunderluft/Textures/base_zip_package") LoadModel("CoreMods/aircraft/FA-18C/Shapes/fa-18c.lods") LoadLivery("FA-18C_hornet","Australian 75th Squadron") SetArgument(0,0) SetArgument(3,0) SetArgument(5,0) local lfs = require("lfs") local function service_file(file) return file == "." or file == ".." or file == ".svn" or file == "_svn" end function scan_for_textures(path) local lower_case = path:lo
  6. ok for the LODS but the loadlivery does not work ... it will always look in the f-18c.zip
  7. it's ok for the model but not for the texture. What do you use for the path of texture? LoadModel("CoreMods/aircraft/FA-18C/Shapes/fa-18c.edm") LoadLivery("CoreMods/aircraft/FA-18C/Liveries/FA-18C_hornet/","Australian 75th Squadron")
  8. there is a trick to update the texture without restarting the program? reload livery does not update ...
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