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  1. We have new variant with gsh23 in turret and still bought upk-23s. And even stranger, pods dont work together with main gun at the same time. I guess some operators like more dakka. Since P has 30mm then guv pods dont make sense either.
  2. Did I understand correctly that initially they wanted a system like puma on Su24?
  3. APU load is constant. I fail to see it being prone to damage while runing longer. It is intended to be used during flight if needed beside on takeoff and at landings. Fuel consumption should be 120kg/h.
  4. Well, its like a little jet engine. Should have no problems runing the whole time. Noise is less then gunner screaming while you plumet to ground with no power.
  5. Turn on APU generator and leave APU running after main engines have started.
  6. Problem is DCS doesnt simulate damage to vehicle. Except mobility degradation whenever hp gets very low. And we will probably never get dmg model like warthunder or similar. They might add somekind of random chance of failure in terms of being unable to fire exposed weapons like turret machinegun or even main gun if dmg is over certain value. If proper dmg model is too resource heavy.
  7. For AP-T round it states at 1000m and 60 deg. angle of hit, 200m/s penetration is 20mm. There is tungsten variant that is a bit better around 28mm.
  8. Tanks should be vunerable from the top. But question is how this works in dcs. Abrams can be damaged only from the back, from the test I have done. Seems similar damage that Shilka with 23mm does.
  9. There are videos of rl hover and launch out there.
  10. You can call it helicopter for delivering joy and happines if you want. It is what it is. Puting it in a group or another wont change it.
  11. I think you are waaay into fantasy scenarios. Only realistic scenario is maybe dusting poppy fields in Afghanistan.
  12. isnt it same system as in Mi8?
  13. Here is Mi-24s used for chemical and biological protection. Not much use in DCS for this type of dispensers.
  14. Yes, but still ppl on RED have no clue. Message 1-2 min before would be nice.
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