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  1. Ok so it looks like I fixed my own problem. After 3 days and a suggestion on Facebook, I upgraded my BIOS and capped the GPU to PCIE 3.0 speeds instead of auto or gen 4 and now all the problems have gone away. I can now load high detail textures, high vis range and medium shadows on MP servers without issues. Who would have thunk?
  2. Hello fellow pilots I recently upgraded from a 1070Ti to 3080 and now I've noticed that the Rift S "crashes" when I load into multiplayer servers like Hoggit or ThroughTheInferno. Symptoms: - Headset loses audio, either immediately upon loading into the server or after a while - Headset disconnects from Oculus. Light inside the headset turns orange and Oculus reports headset is no longer connected to the display port. The effect seems to be worse if textures are set higher than low, or if the Visib range is higher than low. There are no issues wi
  3. I'm on a Rift S, same processor and RAM but on a 1070Ti. Yes, you're going to have to dial back the settings compared to a flat screen. For me, I much prefer the 1:1 movement of a VR headset. The other thing I do is run Oculus Tray Tool to raise my PD to 1.3 to 1.4. Try this guide and get some improvement in frames. I do not use the shader mod however: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZyrAIhXFpv0
  4. Ok, I reloaded DCS again, and this time when I logged in, the crosshairs showed up right away: - Air start viper - Click on Air to Ground mode - Left MFD to WPN (the mavericks are in VIS by default) - The crosshairs appeared without me touching anything I have no idea what changed, but it's working now. So I'm scratching my head. Thanks everyone though.
  5. Hi Bignewy, Thanks for jumping in. So here's what I did: (OBS capture via Oculus mirror: https://drive.google.com/file/d/19te...ew?usp=sharing) - Air start with 6x AGM65-D, 3 on each wing - Set the Mavericks for VIS mode - In the WPN tab, I press TMS down short, and the 'Not SOI' appears and the FoV of the Maverick moves up. I do this a couple of times in the 35 second mark of the video and at around 52 seconds. Still I'm unable to see the proper symbology. - Then at around 55 seconds, I pretend that there is maverick symbology and put the center of the view over a transmission line an
  6. I've tried both air and ground start. And with and without TPOD loaded. The result is the same.
  7. Hello fellow pilots, Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong? I power up my mavericks but I don't get any crosshairs at all or FoV brackets. It's the same for AGM-65D or the H version.
  8. Another alternative, is to use the left analog hat, as an analog trim. VKB allows you to add or subtract two analog axis together. So that's another way to add a trim. So this is a several step process. 1. Make the left analog hat a relative axis instead of an absolute axis. That means when you move the hat and release, the axis doesn't return to center. The left hat is axis 5 and 6. 2. Now, we're going to combine axis 5 and 6 values with axis 1 and 2 (your pitch and roll axis respectively). Here, I'm combining it with 50% of the effect of the analog hat. You can choose whatever
  9. I don't have a solution in vJoy for you, but I know you can use the buttons on the joystick to basically create a trim. Which you can then combine with your pitch and roll axis, so essentially, the trimming is done in the joystick firmware itself. Here are some instructions: http://forum.vkb-sim.pro/viewtopic.php?t=3693
  10. Yes, you can add a vJoy device and then play with a response curve. But you can do it via DCS or like Soko1 said, do it via direct FW change in the VKB stick itself.
  11. Out of curiosity, why do you start with the balanced power option? I've had this problem forever, but it doesn't matter which device I have plugged in. Any one of these will prevent my screen from sleeping: - VKB gunfighter - Virpil CM2 throttle - T16000m throttle & pedals
  12. You fly the AoA indexer and the ball (IFLOLS) until the back wheel touches the deck. Once the wheel contacts the deck, go burner and you either already caught the wire or you haven't. That or you completely overshoot or you get the wave-off lights, then immediately go burner.
  13. I found that using Joystick Gremlin in conjunction gave me the most flexibility. Plus, being able to map to keyboard presses means I don't have to map every single DCS module since they share many common keyboard combinations. And for other games which exceed 32 buttons, then Joystick Gremlin is required:
  14. Yeah, I had a nasty case of PIO when I first got the Viper because of the lack of reference with my own cockpit. So now I just stare at the tanker lights, use those as the large-ish adjustments. But I also use my peripheral vision to get a sense of the change in size or position of the engines on the tanker, to gauge whether or not I'm shifting position.
  15. That's a cool mod. But after a couple of weeks of using it, I found that I don't actually want a physical momentary switch. So for example, I use my T4 as my refueling probe extend / retract. So the physical position of the switch tells me whether or not my fuel probe (or door) is extended (opened) and I don't have to glance at my cockpit but I can feel the position of the switch. In DCS, I don't want the joystick to keep pressing down the button. I know it'll work just fine on its own if you map the joystick button to fuel probe extend. But for other games, like Elite or Star Citi
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