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  1. Click on mfd 2 at the top of control panel then use mouse wheel, or up and down key to scroll to see if the joy button's are assigned. Do the same for 3rd mfd
  2. The joy button that are showing up in you screenshot are for mfd 1. The button for mfd 2 do not necessarly show up in the same line for mfd 2. Scroll up or down to see if the button assignment for mfd 2 show up.
  3. Searched here but did not find anything, but has anyone tried these or have them. What is your thoughts and experience. Link cubesim Thanks
  4. Wingnutt270 delete any modules in the installed list that you don't own if there are any, then do repair to see it that helps.
  5. Ok figured out the problem. My computer did not auto change with time change today so had to correct it, now works fine.
  6. Tried connecting today on got this. What is going on here.?
  7. I removed all ships and crew from miss and flew numerous times and I didn't get any lgt pole lock's but did have to cage/uncage several times to get the mav to lock on radar tgt. It seems totally based on contrast and or angle.
  8. Here is a trk file. It is a self created miss in the caucasus map. The first agm find's tgt the second an empty spot on ground and third and forth ( light post ). AGM locks on light post.trk
  9. I am locking tgt with agm within ten miles as set on mfd's but many of time's the agm will lock on light post along roadways. If the ground radar is not supposed to lock on stationary tgt's why is this happening. I can wait a little longer to verify that it is indeed a moving tgt but by that time I am closer than I like. Is this a bug or what I will have to settle for. Thanks
  10. Tried to update stable today, Not letting me because of what the screenshot says. 50GB space left on drive. My update, stable and beta download folders are all showing empty. What am I missing.
  11. Yea it hit me after I slept on it. Thanks
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