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  1. I just few a mission yesterday. If your tgt's are fairly close, make sure tgp is in auto, once you have point track on first tgt, then make ( mav ) soi then when in range tms up to lock and fire. Move back to tgp soi it should still be ground stab, slew to next tgt, mav should auto move to that next tgt, and eve if the cross hairs do not collapse the mav should still fire and hit tgt. Repeat.
  2. I can't help you because I have a bigger problem in that I can not slew the TGP, but hope someone will help us both. My tgp is just stuck in what seems like INR mode and trying to change it does nothing. Even the chosen mode dose not show up on the screen. When I switch to agm I am able to slew it to tgt without a problem. Track mode not changing, sensor type changes but not helping with slew. Can't figure the problem Help Thanks
  3. You may try running your BBI config exe. That my reset things.
  4. Have you tried reinstalling driver and software. If you uninstall and reinstall make sure you save profiles when asked.
  5. I have two 64's and had that problem sometime ago never figured out the cause but it was after an update. I now save a cope of my profiles in for each module in is own folder outside of DCS that way a cope paste back into save game folder usually fix.
  6. Yea it did ask for login after a few launches. That did it. Thanks
  7. Updated yesterday, today, can't fly anything. Repaired and no change.
  8. In the last O/B update I notice the shadows on the ground and in cockpit were moving and jumping about every 7 seconds. Its seems to be only a ( cau map and f 18c ) problem. Now after the stable update this week it appears their also. I am including a short trk for viewing. cau jumping moving shadows.trk
  9. Looks like Kob but with someone's retextured miss.
  10. Two O/B update ago this started to appear. I thought I should wait until update for a fix that did not come. The problem appears only in O/B stable is ok. One screen shot is from S/C cold start, and the other is of self made mission. Both O/B and stable setting are the same.
  11. My thread ask the question if it has been implemented. And the key bind combo is in the S/C manual, and I have seen vid on Y/T of someone using it.
  12. I have tried rshift+f9 but it's not working. The only way I have found is if a/c ic on the elevator and going into hanger with f2 view. Is the Rshift+f9 not implemented or not working. Yes I am starting by selecting F9 first. All other cat and crew views work. Thanks
  13. I am not getting back DL 13 link display with the second of two slammers. I am undisgnating after the first launch. And using same setup steps for the second. Slam showing under DL 13 on ddi, and I am still able to see weapon impact tgt in TGT POD. Am I missing something here or should I expect this. Thanks
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