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  1. My DCS freezes every <>10 minutes in VR for 18 to 21 seconds, with cockpit sound continuing in a loop. I'm using a HP Reverb. VR flying is absolutely impossible, let alone any dogfighting! The freeze only happens in VR, and only with DCS. None of my other VR-games suffers. I played Half-Life: Alyx with no freezes. My DCS is installed on 1Tb SSD with 250Gb free space, my C-drive has 3,4Gb free. i've tried: - Setting all DCS gfx settings to Low. Didn't solve it. - Updating Nvidea drivers to latest version. Didn't solve it. - Setting my W
  2. My DCS-experience begain with Flanker 2.0 back in 2001 :). I've been simming since 1985 on a Commodore 64 with Solo Flight, then onto Falcon 1.0 on an Amiga, and caught a Flanker 2.0 in 2001. Now, got nearly all DCS modules and flying in VR with my HP Reverb. I'm a aspsiring cockpit builder with home-electronics lab - Oscilloscope: Siglent SDS1104X-E - Soldering station: KSGER T12 - Ruideng DPS5005 lab bench power supply - DDS signal generator. - Creality Ender 3 3d printer for work.. working IT-tech from home supporting a worldwide userbase.. and for DCS still lots to di
  3. Has anyone got this ? Most importantly, how easy is it to setup and use with DCS? Anyone on the forum bought it? I'm considering buying, However, its really expenisve, and will use it 99% only for DCS. Share your view Tx!
  4. Angola. Dit was net 'n jaar voor my diensplig.
  5. I used to be a Su-25T fan, flew it for years. Now I am hooked to to the Harrier. To me its a modernized Su-25T. Both planes are fuelhungry, can take a fair amount of punishment, but the harrier is much quicker accelerating if needed. Disadvantage is the rather limited payload. The Su-25T which can potentially carry 16x Vikhrs + 2x Kh-29T + 2x S-5L laser rockets, totally overkill and likeley never realistic, however Harrier with 4x Mavs + gunpod could be more close to reality. In short get the Harrier it also does SEAD :)
  6. LOl I''ve solved it. I upgraded my computer bigtime with i9-9900k + RTX 2070 video card,, then sold my Index. Now using only the reverb and running DCS in HIGH settings super smooth. With that setup the Index would occasionally still stutter. WTF??!!? Now.. Im happy puppy with the Reverb :pilotfly:
  7. That was fixed already >=5 years ago. has any1 tested if all vehicles can swim? Hummers shouldnt be able to cross rivers.
  8. SteamVR with the Index; - all defaults selected, 90Mhz refresh. As it was with HTC Vive ==> nearly unplayable SteamVR with WMR - all defaults selected, DCS set to 200% resolution. ==> Note supersmooth no stuttering, works perfect. Oculus Home - Uninstalled it. When i finished testing the Rift S. Above mentioned are on my i7-4790 with Nvidea GTX 980. Gfx card settings are all to default. Seems like SteamVR doesnt like my rig setup.
  9. The Valve Index makes DCS stutter bigtime. nearly unplayable, even on DCS' default VR-settings. I've tried a Rift S, HP Reverb and DCS runs butter smooth. Even on busy MP servers no stuttering. My other VR games runs perfect with a Valve Index, only DCS that stutters. Suprisingly well the Rift S and Reverb performs on my ole' <>2015-vintage (used hardware) i7-4770 16gb with eVGA Geforce 980 GTX. You guys probably dont notice that as nobidy runs such low specs as me.. and yea an upgrade is on the cards. Is SteamVR + Index really such a resource hog?
  10. Schocker...:pilotfly: my ole' EVGA Nividia 980 GTX + Reverb runs buttersmooth on an i7-4770 16Gb. However with my Valve Index, same setup, same mission, same settings DCS is a stuttering nearly unplayable. :huh:. Does SteamVR do something weird? Given my current setup, upgrading to a 1080Ti + faster CPU+ Reverb = ultra settings in DCS and smooth.
  11. If I am correct, the Sea Eagle can only be launched only on mission-editor preset targets. Back in Su-33 could launch Kh-41s in similiar fashion only onto mission editor targets. That missile was <=2007 removed from the Su-33 in pre-DCS. Are there plans for updates to the Sea Eagle, so to point-and-shoot, so the missile would go active straight after launch, and engage anything inside its seeker sensor' range. The missile should in my uneducated opinion have a fire-and-forget mode. Maybe could be set as mission editor option: pre-planned target, or point-and-shoot.
  12. From a pure €'s cashflow perspective, the F-16C needed to get released. My ounce of opinion. Look at its pricepoint. The most expensive DCS module ever. Big price, quicker payback of investments. The potential buyers public is huge as the F-16C is hugely popular. ED can reap >=10years from the Viper. DCS: A-10C is nearly 10 years old now, and ED's probably still earning some €'s of it. I havent bought it, for simple reason.. I'm having fun with the Harrier & Viggen.
  13. Make me feel old, as my Nvidia 980GTX from (i remember correct late 2015) + Reverb is doing smooth, albeit everything set to low. Before I upgrade, i'll have to lock up the wife for a few days so she dont notice me buying & changing videocard.
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