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  1. Gents, Did you notice any existing JDAM - JSOW accuracy issue in Syria MAP?
  2. Dear Rudel, Indeed I have already assigned both in TMWH Boat Switch. The reason I ask is cause friend of mine wishes to set up his X52 Horas.
  3. Gents, I can't assign keyboard keys in "Special for Joystick" Category. Specifically, for DOGFIGHT/Missile Override Switch - DOGFIGHT/CENTER and DOGFIGHT/Missile Override Switch - MISSILE OVERRIDE/CENTER. Any idea
  4. Guys, I' ve recently noticed that when you right click over a map object, then "assign as" option is appeared. If you left click then a new trigger zone with some special option is created. Both can be seen in the following pictures. What is the purpose and how they could be used. Many thanx in advance for your replies. =GR= Panthir
  5. Every time I have low fuel, the FPA turns automatically to the closest Friendly airbase. Although I try to change again FPA to a desired waypoint e.g FPA01 it immediately turns again to e.g. BNG50. In this context I am unable to continue any A2G task cause the TGP can't be slaved to a desired waypoint. The most annoying is that even after refueling, after take off the problem persists. So, is there any tip or standard procedure to deny this issue. For your info I have even tried to assign a very low FUEL entry in ICP.
  6. After the latest updates, although you can designate a target unfortunately the TGP doesn't LOCK (make point). Anyone else having this issue?
  7. Dear Moltar, The latest changes added extra complexity to SATAL. We have already put a lot of effort in practicing and the new rules are changing the whole concept. The home team will dictate the weapons restriction e.t.c. Moreover, several essential features, such as Datalink are still not working for the Red Coalition. In this context, we assess that we have to cancel our participation for this year. We wish you success. So, Lockon Greece is out.
  8. League: Diamond Squadron Name: Lock-On Greece | DCS World Greece (=GR=) Discord: https://discord.gg/4gCWNp Contact person: =GR= Panthir Aircraft Selection: F-16C, JF-17, F-18C Pilot Roster: (United Kingdom +3 Zulu) =GR= Aeolus =GR= Doc =GR= Eightball =GR= Geo =GR= Marine =GR= Officer =GR= Orion =GR= Panthir =GR= Pistola =GR= Spooky =GR= Theo =GR= Trojan =GR= Woodcock Likely more
  9. Same issue appeared again after 2.5.6 update.
  10. Many Thanx. So, the only remaining issue is the radar leveling issue. Whenever you have STT there is no problem.
  11. 2.5.6 update gave us some old presents for JF-17: a. TGP cannot be activated. It works only for airborn slots. b. Radar leveling issue, fixed in a preview updated, appeared again.
  12. It seems that performance drop is related to the Mist and other used scripts.
  13. Instead of Mortar or Outpost "Tacan Beacon" is more realistic function ctld.spawnRadioBeaconUnit(_point, _country, _type) local _groupId = ctld.getNextGroupId() local _unitId = ctld.getNextUnitId() local _radioGroup = { ["visible"] = false, -- ["groupId"] = _groupId, ["hidden"] = false, ["units"] = { [1] = { ["y"] = _point.z, ["type"] = "TACAN Beacon", ["name"] = _type .. " Radio Beacon Unit #" .. _unitId, -- ["unitId"] = _unitId, ["heading"] = 0, ["playerCanDrive"] = false, ["skill"] = "Excellent", ["x"] = _point.x, } }, -- ["y"] = _positions[1].z, -- ["x"] = _positions[1].x, ["name"] = _type .. " Radio Beacon Group #" .. _groupId, ["task"] = {}, --added two fields below for MIST ["category"] = Group.Category.GROUND, ["country"] = _country } -- return coalition.addGroup(_country, Group.Category.GROUND, _radioGroup) return Group.getByName(mist.dynAdd(_radioGroup).name) end
  14. Guys, does the Beacon feature works? I dropped some beacons but my Uh-1 couldn't tune in. Any idea?
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