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  1. Add me into the being curious about the whole thing. I have been trying to learn the new HTS and for the most part it' s going well, but I seem to be blind to a few SAM's..I placed a SA2 system saw the SA2 on RWR but not on HTS. But I"m seeing other systems on both the RWR and HTS. I'm looking for/forward to more detailed instructions.
  2. I am and idiot.... I didn't have the airbase set right.....DOH!!!!!!
  3. and another follow up...just created a quick mission, placed the aircraft on the airfield, cold dark, and when i try to communicate with the ground crew, I hear my commands being given, ie chief place the wheel chocks, but there is no response from the crew chief. canopy is open battery is on...
  4. as a follow up, the other missions i have created, the crew chief comms and commands work just fine. So I did something when i created this mission that now with the update the crew chief comms commands don't work. Could it be in the radio freq part of the mission editor or something else?
  5. It is at the start of a mission, Nellis AFB, I'm using a simple mission that I created just for general training and just flying....I've always been able to use the comms menu (using the switched mapped on my hotas, select the ground crew, then placewheel chocks, arm refuel etc. I hear myself give the command and the crew chief respond, then the commanded action happens such a placing wheel chocks. Now since the update, there is only silence and no actions. But when I go thru the ATC or Flight commands, i have both the audio and actions occuring.
  6. I am unable to communicate with the ground crew since the last update. Unable to issue any command, however the comm commands for ATC, wingman etc work as advertised. Not for sure if it's a bug or something else.
  7. I've noticed that when configuing an aircraft and I make the tail number block blank, when I start the mission "000" has been placed. This is annoying when the skin I choose already has a tail number as part of the skin. Could "blank field" be blank on the tail?
  8. Pmedic548


    I believe the F-16 can also use VOR's as well as TACAN for navigation. Can that be implemented?
  9. So question when droping a pair of JSOW or WCMD, you can select trail or side by side release. So when using the TGP and designating the ground point, which weapon is hitting the point and which weapon is hitting behind or to the side? I many be making it more complex but if I am droping on a target area with the weapons in trail, and set say a spread of 500 feet, is one tracking the point and the other 500 feet behind? So in some situations should I "lead" the designated area have the weapons better cover the area I'm attacking? And if dropping side by side, is the selected weapon covering one side, say I've selected the weapon on the right side, is it striking right and the left striking 500 feet (or my selected spacing) to the left or vice versa. I'm just trying to get a handle on how using the weapons in pairs how to designate accurately with the TGP for maximum effectiveness. Thanks
  10. As a follow up, Bull was used for aircraft in an air to ground config, Snake was A2A and we also used Viper for A2A. If a jet had the callsign Snake, it was usually a short mission, usually under an hour, 0.8 was common mission time, Viper indicated a longer A2A lasting usually 2.5 to 3 hours.
  11. I do have a track file. It's too large to attach. how best to provide it to you
  12. The cloud reflection's at sunset/night appear to be to bright in the Mariana's map. I flew at local sunset landed after sunset. Also when using F2 view after sunset at a low level was completely visible. It appeared to be a daylight view of the aircraft. Clouds were set at High Scattered 1, so there were more cloud reflections on the water than clouds.
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