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  1. Do you have a second HDD? You could move these folders to another drive and create a hard link.
  2. Download it here: https://github.com/Khopa/dcs_liberation/releases IMO this is the best dynamic campaign ever.
  3. How much do you charge to make one?
  4. Really??? What's the difficult of creating a female model and skin tones? Honestly, I am a black rich person. I don't care to pay extra for the product as long as I am represented.
  5. Of course I am, there are pilots in every single country in the world. Why only White and Russian Pilots represented?
  6. I am sorry but your comment doesn't add nothing to the discussion I see hundreds of posts asking for 1% performance match up. Why can't we ask for a simple 3d model and several skin tones? Is that too much? Really???? Just check the first page of each planes forum and you will see. Something is wrong here. I see lots of you supporting those requests. Maybe some of you are racists?
  7. I don't have the time to learn how to create skins. Maybe you are a teenager, I have a family and my own company to take care. WE are asking ED to do it. Period. We WILL ask for it because we PAID for this product.
  8. If the subject hurts you that much, why don't you just ignore it and live your life? Just step away! Do you feel threatened about people asking for a simple 3D model coloring and female model? Leave this post for the ones who cares, like me. I see several posts asking for such tiny details like 1% of performance difference, or same old crap posts (BF109 takeoff is not realistic) that it's interesting for maybe 1 our 2 people. Why cant' we ask for some 3D models representing each race and gender? Go back to 1950 then. This is 2020 and people like to be represented. Why are all the pilots white males and not black or asian males? Why are they white ppl all the time? Why not all females? For the people asking for mustaches, that's ok, you have the right to ask for it. Get this chance to also ask for a pocket saw, a checkered t-shirt and a pit smoker. I agree that this is not a Role Playing Game but Im sure 3d artists can adapt the models in like a week. Just like they change the color of the landing gear because of that photo from wikipedia. I've spend thousands of dollars maybe just on this simulator, I support the developers by having every single module ever created. I can request a black model, american latin model, asian, female, whatever.
  9. I am pretty sure Khopa (actual campaign developer) said he would be on trip without internet access. Maybe when he comes back we can ask for a proper Topic as both versions deserves own discussion. Guess this would help a lot of people with proper info and some ppl don't even know there is a new version out there.
  10. It's a new version from another guy, AI didn't change ofc but there a lot of new features.
  11. Terminology is based on real aircraft. Best way to do it is hover the mouse on what you want mapped and it will show you the command.
  12. https://github.com/Khopa/dcs_liberation/ IMO, is the best dynamic campaign you can get.
  13. Search for Hard Symbolics Links, I use it on several modules. It works pretty well even when updating because its created on OS level.
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