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  1. No brainer purchase. Waited for years. At the moment - no other ambition than to fly and navigate. - But some day I may try to fire the Gun.......
  2. A few attached... øe dcs.20210902-115711.crash dcs.log-20210825-221633.zip dcs.20210826-080532.crash
  3. This is a Nemesis for decades - Works fine a week then CTD. Played a lot this spring - A 10 and F-16 Syria map. Then flying MSFS . Last week I wanted to pull out F-14b from the hangar. A couple of hours update download and reactivate F14. WOW!!!! Flying Instant action Nevada cold start. Loading time close to instant. DCS much much better than ever. I could even see Nascar race cars on Vegas Raceway. Flying around on Nevada map. Even replay worked perfectly with F14 , was very buggy earlier.... Never been happier with DCS..... Then disaster when I tried Instant action cold start Syria. CTD while loading aircraft. Got a Windows warning on cache on E (My SSD with DCS). I removed old World - free space on E is now 484GB. Restarted PC Still CTD when loading aircraft - even loading on vanilla Caucasus. No CTD with low setting - CTD at Medium. Worked fine with default High after update last week..
  4. MY PC is slightly over recommended spec - SSD - Win10 - NVidia. Card. Saiek x52. Nothing tempered with - or overclocked Similar PCs must have been tested thousand of times in W2.7 - flawless. Installed only Syria map and F-16. No map editor - just C&D straight from instant play. And it runs perfectly. Quick install . High framerate - no stutter . Then loading a new mission, the PC freeze with 96% memory used. Have no idea of where or how to start troubleshooting with this simple basic setup, and not encountered during pre release tests.
  5. Added just Syria map and F-16. to 2.7 for instant action test. - First flight is quick loading with no issues. PC freeeze after loading second mission. Memory use: 96% 2.7 looks great. No doubt DCS will fix this..
  6. Solved. Bug in C\ Saved Games ME folder.
  7. Thanks.. Solved. Quick fix - deleting ME in Saved Games folder.
  8. After moving complete DCS to a new SSD, the Mission Editor is corrupted.. Waypoints do not show on map - the waypoint counter do count them, when adding new ones Previous created mission got the same bug too. There is a saved DCS ME files still on C\ . Not sure if this the problem. Any way .. Question: Do the DCS World repair by installing on top of old installation? Or do the hard way - deactivate all modules, uninstall World , then a clean install. (a weekend job to set everything up again - sigh) Thanks...
  9. Opened old home made missions Waypoint does not show... But again, it do adding WP. Ref Waypoint counter increase when clicking around. Something went wrong when moved to a new SSD last week. There is an old saved game mission editor on C\ DCS Maybe this corrupt DCS? install World again - does it repair? (Just delete ME files first) Or must I deactivate uninstall complete SCS first, for a clean install?
  10. Thanks. Tried that button.... Have noticed that it really add waypoints. Ref waypoint counter. It increases with every click on map. But they does not show. Will check map settings Tried both Syria and Nevada.
  11. Conclusion on this thread, Topic is not about quality on potentiometers, sliders and buttons. - But the number of them. Do you want to pay extra? (mini stick mouse and sliders) Consider: 1. Saitek manual is not good. You getting started, but does not help you to the finish line. 2. Youtube videos do help, but not 100% 3. There is a learning curve. 4. Once mastered, it is still time consuming to map in SST (Saitek programming). 5. Play with different profiles - new - saved. Important: Do a quick check first: Map Esc button to joystick trigger. Start DCS aircraft. Press trigger. If End Mission shows up , you are OK, and know how to program Saitek. Flying only simple aircraft (WWII) - you may consider less buttons, and use basic DCS mapping, with pinkie switch modifier if necessary. - In other threads, it is mentioned that mod 1- 2 - 3 does not work. There are grid menu, and drop down menus for different modes. Have not tried them yet, but my guess is it will work OK. Finally.. Thank you all for help in this thread.
  12. Agree- Make sense. That is the way I do it. And F-16 profile is safe. What confused me was step one in this thread. To make it work: You have to delete all mapping in DCS (F-16) Control Saitek first - This is a mandatory step. (And it did work for me)
  13. Well..... I am able to map keyboard/joystick outside DCS now, using SST program tool only Using a htlm print out map for F-16 to find keyboard combinations. What worries me - the day I want to map F-14 in a similar way, I will ruin my finished F-16 mapping in the process.
  14. Exactly. Had no problem with this before. Created a few simple missions myself. You can click wildly all over map creating waypoints with white lines connecting. Guess the problem is related to the aircraft . In your example red/white icon. My icon is now a tiny little scale replica of the aircraft.
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