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  1. Hello, I tried LALT+ENTER, it works but then i can't click on any button anymore with my mouse and thus i'm stuck at the login screen. The mouse pointer moves but it seems as if the active area of the mouse is not DCS.
  2. The term supercruise was invented in the 70's in the infancy of the ATF program, when it was a ground attack plane. You have multiple research papers from manufacturers, nasa, and other gov office of supercruisers. Here is one example: http://www.dtic.mil/docs/citations/ADB022011 It was then thought the plane would travel long distances (more than 250 miles) at supersonic speeds not using afterburner. Due to several changes in the propulsion dynamics, the fuel consumption in supersonic is far greater than in subsonic even in a supercruising engine (yes, supercrusing is not only
  3. You perfectly sum it up..and that's why when you're a dev you're stuck between not saying anything until you are decimals away from being 100% sure of release date or trying to give hints at the risk of being slayed by the community when things do not turn out like planned. I'm fine with hints, different hints have different values.. the steam release date is an engagement that seems to mean things are going well unless an unforseen problem appears...Which is always possible.
  4. You can never be sure to deliver on the date said in soft dev. Even the day before the release you can find a bug, an extorior agent may force you to delay etc... Look, we are at max 1 month away from release and LN can't give a release date because of many possible unexpected sources of delay. What do you think would be the level of confidence for announcing a date months ago? It's always the same, people wan't them to say nothing until it is sure, but it's never sure,so they may miss the date they get beaten by everybody but when they say nothing people cry because "they do not c
  5. Of course there're differences between modules. For once not all planes have the same number of polygons in their cockpit. They do not have the same number of parts in their damage models, not the same weight of textures etc.... Read the performance posts, you'll see some modules are more taxing than others. And besides even if i don't see anything troubling in mig-21 videos so far, i don't think your overconfident tone is of any use for the discussion. His question is as worth discussing as the countless "when it is released?" and "F5 F5 F5 F5 F5" posts.
  6. I can relate to those problems. First try after updating to 1.2.10, all my cougar buttons were not working (but axis yes). I went into the controler options and saw that all the mappings were gone. I tried to load my diff.lua but nothing happened. So i remapped all buttons but in game cougar buttons were not working. I'm using TARGET profiles (via script editor), and what i saw in the option is that in 1.2.10 the controlers list has both the thrustmaster combined joystick (a virtual stick that is created when you run a TARGET profile) and my cougar which is not normal, the options sho
  7. LN. They don't do whatever they want ED is doing their own business and they have to keep with DCSW roadmap changes. Sorry if i misinterpreted your post. :) However it is still they way i feel about the saga. When cobra recently stated no ETA following the fact that mig-21 was pushed back to 2.0 people started to complain about having no ETA. And when cobra stated target release for 1.2.9 and that 1.2.10 came in..kids started to complain "hey another target missed!" . That's is really annoying. We don't know enough to draw conclusion both on EDGE or mig-21 release. Let's stay calm
  8. Your sentence sums it all: You are angry they miss their announcement yet complain about lack of communication which i interpret = i want to complain whatever the reason. Come'on, they're trying to communicate with all of you but they can't control everything and then spoiled kids yell "you lied to us!" so they try to be cautious only to have a bunch of kids bi..ing "We want to have some ETA!". Seriously, that's annoying to read all of this.
  9. In Rise of Flight main menu (a museum) you have an I-16 in the background. Not the epoch, never done and surely never will. Not saying about LN. Just that yes it is possible to place planes randomly.
  10. Hi, I have the same problem, it is too far back. I have an additional question. In the complete start up video the cockpit camera zooms in and moves behind the stick. How can i do that? (i have a track IR but it is fine if i can do that with the keyboard). Tried moving the camera down but she doesn't move enough. Thanks!
  11. it reads "The guys at Leatherneck have been doing a great job and this week we integrated the AI MiG-21bis into DCS World 2, version 2.0.0 (there will be no 1.3.0 due to the extensive DCS World changes that are coming). Later in 2014, after version 1.2.9, both will be released. The model looks stunning as we think you will agree!" And later in the comments: "DCS World 2 will be freeware" Here you have
  12. It has been officially stated on the facebook page that : -DCS 2.0 will be free -Mig-21 will be released at the same time
  13. Hi, Yes doing them manualy works...But that's a lot of entries to correct! Do you have any idea why i does that?
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