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  1. ED haven't released there official statement yet have they. Could it be full a sale not just the viper? And just steam fired off early on the viper (because steam does do odd things). Sent from my HD1913 using Tapatalk
  2. Remember it won't tell you where your wingman is, just how far away he is. You won't receive any heading information. Also try avoiding frequencies that will interfere with other tacans. Most ground bases and ships are on X band. Much more reliable to use the Y band and start at 20. So 20/83 etc. Sent from my HD1913 using Tapatalk
  3. On the DDD, lock the target then hold the interrogate button. It will then show as friend or foe on the DDD. Using the information you have gathered here you can then manually change the target type on the TID. Remember everything on the TID is a combination on what you have and data link. Data link being the bottom half, top half being your radar. This means you could have something in the datalink system bottom half enemy that you have identified and tag as a friend top half. Sent from my HD1913 using Tapatalk
  4. Yeah, sounds right from memory. Sent from my HD1913 using Tapatalk
  5. I can't vouch for your experience, but I have found that if you check after it has all gone your be surprised. I have found stuff is all gone, and maybe people don't finish purchase or the website over allocates but stuff appears. Hang in there it's worth it. Sent from my HD1913 using Tapatalk
  6. I would recommend them to anyone. Love my products. I think like anything in this hobby. You have to have patience. They are small and boutique, but worth it. Sent from my HD1913 using Tapatalk
  7. I have some faith that once Huey multicrew is enabled, that some of the other modules will get access. So we might get nice functioning L39 and c-101. Sent from my HD1913 using Tapatalk
  8. I think they do it as people would be waiting months for products otherwise. You have seen how bad people get when they don't get an update every week on here. Let alone when the have dropped £600 on something. Having shopped with them three times so far, usually from ordering to receiving an in-stock item has taken about 6 weeks each time. Sent from my HD1913 using Tapatalk
  9. In the Tomcat I use the guard switch (T1 as you've called it) for ACM by opening it, and ACM jettison was pressed. T2 I think I use as master arm. Although those latched up or down switches would be good for landing gear and hook. Sent from my HD1913 using Tapatalk
  10. If you pull the AP off on the stick, (the handle) it also pops pitch and roll channel SAS off. Check it's not those being off that is making it feel odd. Sent from my HD1913 using Tapatalk
  11. Hcu is the little control input stick the Rio uses
  12. As frustrating as it is, if those members of staff don't want there names released to strangers on the internet to argue about, Razbam can't tell is even if they wanted too.
  13. Maybe map them the other way round? So full pull is half, then stop at half as you release to set it? On my current set up (virpil as well) I put the T1 and t0 on one of the hats on the throttle as I use the trigger as both ptt (for discord/ts3) and as Comms (srs).
  14. Is the game detecting the first stage of your trigger again as you release it? If so that would trigger t1 again. I had this problem on my x52 and had to use different binds to work round it
  15. It currently has two training missions, cold start and navigation
  16. Any trouble ping us a pm and help as much as I can
  17. When your setting up the stick you can set it so it acts as a 5 way switch or so it changes the function of all the lower buttons on the throttle. So when it's in setting one and the lights are one colour all the buttons will have a different ID too setting 2 etc
  18. Once you press manual it is on. Set it back to auto when you are done as it will over heat.
  19. I'm confused, when he was live I was just able to drop in a watch him flying. And what I saw looked very good. Didn't know you could charge people to view videos on twitch unless you mean having to sub to the person?
  20. Remember you have to change back to sts mode once you have pressed Val. This will enable you to track alignment progress. If I get a chance I can go through a full start up taking good screenshots. Although from memory the one on chucks guide is very very good and correct.
  21. At fear of sounding extremely stupid is the entire canopy missing?
  22. I do. I don't get the tdc one for certain or some of the others. I didn't say it was perfect. I said it was worth half price. As per the OP's question.
  23. Both the issues you gave as examples I have never had an issue with although you and others may have. I find the harrier is on par with many of the other modules, all the planes have there bugs. Most of the planes are early access. Razbam may not be as forward with what they are currently upto but I'm sure they are always working. You do seem to be the kind of person who digs as deep as they can to find any big you can, then you jump up and down demanding attention from the development team. Props to you for looking and rasing bugs but attacking the team constantly isn't maybe the most mature way of approaching the situation. Why don't we stay in topic rather then launching at the Devs again. For me for half price the harrier is well worth it. It's fair enough though development that it can do nearly any task, it has its usp if VTOL. And just is great fun to fly.
  24. I have a slightly newer system then you but not hugely. 4790k and a 1070. Run at 5760x1080 and it runs lovely. I have found that all the aircraft run very similarly to each other.
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