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  1. I did the shirt by myselfe. It's the STP Squardon shirt. Every STP guy has his name on it on the front. Lately I also made some STP Patches and spread it to the STP guys.
  2. Hi Call911, sorry, no activities from my side here.
  3. Hahah hey that's me :thumbup: It was a great day in Spangdahlem-Germany.
  4. You need to hit the big red/white one on the left. One Vikhr to the mast should do the job.
  5. Hi guys, today I updated to the latest build and I want to load my old joystick profile. The old profile is a .lua file. In the "Load profile dialog" only .diff.lua files get listed. When I try to load my old .lua profile nothing happens. Whats wrong? Is there a way to convert the .lua files to .diff.lua? Do I only have to rename it manually?
  6. Why I have no time to support the missions anymore: http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?p=2071328#post2071328
  7. Thanks Harzach, just a little photomontage from my side here. May I introduce... my little son "Lars" (6 months):
  8. You made them fly even faster? Sometimes I was not able to catch up on them with the speed I set to them... Well, you did your change. I don't work on this missionpack anymore. Sorry. :)
  9. At the first waypoint action of the JTAC.
  10. Better don't do it like that. It is very buggy if more than one client is on the same JTAC.
  11. Thank you all for the nice response for the missions. :love: @ Trooper: When you add new aircrafts to the missions without adding them to the triggers, no trigger gets activated and most missions will not work. For the Training missions (without client based triggers) will it work but not for the complex missions. @ ENO: Now it's your turn to keep DCS multiplayer alive. I hope ED will learn that they have to keep the multiplayer community busy with new missions. Else DCS will die sooner or later.
  12. Also the option "Easy radio" can influence at this. Be sure to always set it to OFF (realistic). @ tintifaxl: danke @ m9matt: Thx for keeping the missions up to date. Maybe you are brave enough to take a look at the MISSIONPACK. :music_whistling: If you have questions feel free to ask... but please apologise when my answer takes some time. :) I'm not in the forum every day.
  13. Well, that's old missions created with a version far far in the past. I think they are broken. But this is just a guess. I'm not very interested in DCS at the moment. Lately my son was born. In the short remaining free time my wife and I have, we are playing Minecraft together. I will not edit or redo this missions. I have spend far to many time in this editor. It's time that someone else builds good multiplayer missions.
  14. Try the H Mavs with Force Corelate mode.
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