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  1. Not true, the F-14 has the most powerful radar, and therefore you see it as priority on RWR. Why you didn`t see it as priority, there is plenty of reasons (since you didn`t provide us any track or something, I won`t be telling reasons). But... Try this simple track I did, you will see you are not correct. And/or check my video (its the same as my track). test_RWR_vs_US_radars.miz PS: As you can clearly see, F-14 came on RWR at 135nm, F-15 at 110, F/A-18 at only 70nm!
  2. A question, regarding new detents on CM3, lets say, if we take F/A-18, is it possible now to use the throttle and detents instead of Shift/Alt + Home keys for start-up the both engines?
  3. Its a cluster bomb. As far as I tried, it hits the target, but there is little damage - as expected.
  4. -- I went through all the ded screens on Chuck`s guide (even those which are still under construction, but none seem to be appropriate for inserting wingspan, based on each screen name.
  5. Some great reading on this theme you can fine here, from 110. page on: https://fas.org/man/dod-101/sys/ac/docs/16v5.pdf
  6. I wonder why is the one of a few planes (and F-22 of the moderns) with the one-piece bubble type canopy. Is it really so hard to construct the firm one-piece canopy without bracing? The unobstructed field of view is one of the best things a fighter pilot can wish in my opinion, specially in a dog fight. That`s why I like F-16 even more.
  7. He seem to be some chinese or japanese, and he doesn`t understand eng. well I guess. It`s just recommended ED, put AGM-154A-1 on the plane, no questions asked.
  8. At least the moon doesn`t seem to be in correct scale. It looks so small. Was watching it this morning, it was full (exctly full was 2 days ago), but it was huge, compared to the one we have in dcs.
  9. AN/ALQ-131 ECM pod They said 2yrs ago "core sysems include", but there is still no sign of it. Maybe one day.
  10. I`m just simply unable to do a refuel in the air, no matter which aircraft. Hotas is awesome for all rest but air refueling. It`s just so unprecise for to do a proper refuel. The main problem lies in TWCS throttle control, just can`t adjust the speed accordingly. And also the X,Y axis on the joystick it self is not great for suck maneuvers as well. Do you guys have any suggestion how to deal with it, because I don`t. Or this hotas is just simply not good enough for that? I tried with Mirage, I even succeeded ones to come into contact, and I wasn`t able to keep it there. With F-16 its just a mission impossible to keep the aircraft steady bellow the tanker. ps: I`m thinking of getting some better HOTAS for some time, and I would say its about time now.
  11. Amazing Would have only one suggestion, please the look of the textures inside the cockpit a bit worn out, at least there where the pilot has a contact with stuff. Now its all way too clean, and it looks, you know, kind of strange, if you know what I mean. Anyway, I know its a free mod, but just some idea, to make the whole thing more natural.
  12. So I have to hold it for as long as I have to? Hmm, that`s the trick. But its kind of awkward. But that`s how it is guess. Thx
  13. No, I know its there, but still, with that thrust, it should get out of that stall position. My logic, not saying its correct, but still.
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