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  1. 1. Do we know actual numbers of the RCS for all the aircrafts in DCS? I found some data, but seem to be inaccurate for F-14 and F-15 (25m2) and Su-27 (15m2), is that true? Where the hack they have such huge frontal surface? https://www.globalsecurity.org/military/world/stealth-aircraft-rcs.htm Here is another great read about RCS: https://www.quora.com/Which-4-4-5th-generation-fighter-aircraft-has-the-least-RCS-radar-cross-section 2.What about RCS from different angles of the specific aircraft in DCS? All these numbers are only from the front (so hot aspect). H
  2. And how come that F-14`s radar is so damn better then the rest? And its the oldest of all, except F-5 and Mig-21.
  3. Lighter hornets (no stores) with 2000 pounds of fuel will usually land at 125 knots (that's the ON SPEED value). For each 1000 pounds addition in weight, add 2.5 knots to the landing speed.
  4. I tried that a couple of times yesterday, and I didn`t loose the lock at all. Awesome stuff.
  5. I mean whats the recommended speed while trying to land on a carrier?
  6. Whats the carrier approching recommended speed?
  7. I have the latest version 1.8.6. I tried that, because I had 2 lines of text at the end in the log file.
  8. I simply disabled the Tacview in the game`s Options, and since then I had zero crashes (cca 20 flights). Although there are still Tacview files generated.
  9. No, just my very 1st time in F/A-18 maybe was because i took quite some time during steps, to read all instructions what to do. Since then, I tried 10 more time, all ok.
  10. I also find the radar on this plane in RWS (or TWS) mode very hard if not impossible to detect HOT planes (on same altitude) further then 30nm. And no matter how I set the radar to work. That I don`t speak of cold planes. I don`t think this is real.
  11. You have to mark with "Solution" the post which gave you the answer, not your own, specially not like you did
  12. That too. You can see that guy, kneeling, and showing me to go and take off. But my plane stands still.
  13. No, surely not. I restarted and did all over again, and it worked this time. Strange what went wrong before.
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