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  1. ok, probably this is not really a big issue but i installed DCS on a new rig for my cockpit made with alu profiles, Both rigs run Windows 10 pro licensed quite same specs On the first rig when i was opening device&printers the Warthog (stick and throttle) were showing two nice thrustmaster icons. On the new rig i just can see the icons of two controllers Weird ... tryed uninstall the devices, unistall Target and then reinstalling, changing the usb ports... nothing i just can see the standard joypad icons. Any suggestion ? Thanks
  2. Following, interested in a UFC with working display
  3. TEK, may i ask you why you dind't choose the 14seg display also for the main and the CH1 and CH2 display instead the 7seg ? Thanks
  4. Any news from BB seems he doesn't connect since quite two years As i'm tying to find some inspireation for the UFC this project was sounding very promising.
  5. Hi Fox_Delta any eta for the next batch ?
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