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  1. Hi just doing the training missions (IFR flight). I have the VHF radio control but the outmost left dial can not be used by the pilot and ist stuck to 108.xx It works fine from the rear cockpit, but the training mission does not commence, as I am not able to tune it to 113.6
  2. I would like to pick it from WP 2 but as stated the mission fails before I get there stating I am getting arrested and the operation room notified. I follow WP1 then I asked to return and go slower, I ignore and continue. Passing towards Wp 3 the green smoke appears for later reference and towards WP 2 the same. The message ‘operating room informed’ appears shortly pass WP 1. Almost at WP 2 the mission then fails. Really!?!
  3. Hi I am flying along the WP 1 with the scanning gadget, then towards the factory...speaking to factory commander, green smoke deployed and been told to collect the gadget from WP2...just as I see green smoke and wanted to land on the roof as instructed, the mission failed, "I got arrested" ??? tried it twice, same stupid error and wasting my time... I chose the option to fly over the mountain instead of around...would this make a difference???
  4. I hear the announcement that bandits bearing 120 are inbound which I should intercept. On YT videos there is a reply from "me", in my mission I can not any verbal confirmation from my pilot and nil bandits are anyway on AWACS... DCS is up to date... Solutions???
  5. I did wait until the window opens and advised me to choose my slot. However, I will wait longer then and see whether this makes a difference, thank you
  6. trk file is 33MB..too large to attach here...bugger you could clearly seen then that absolute no comms are happening at all
  7. I start the mission. When I played it first there was some tannoy announcement but no radio checks ( watched the YT mission bay Redkite) or any other radio chatter. Eventually some 15-30 min into the mission around WP 1 my lead asked me where I was....
  8. Can msg you the track file. No radio comms on the deck at all!!!! Started the plane, radios on 1 (prim and aux) to start with...no chatter whatsoever!
  9. Hi in contrary to the mission flown on YouTube, I have zero radio chatter whilst on the flight deck. In the pattern around WP1 I got asked ‘where are you’ despite I am flying with Hammer 11 next to me. No clearance to advance to Wp2... I have up after 3 attempts and the same result. Does anyone else experienced this bug??? Thank you
  10. Got it sorted..thank you Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Hi I landed at Kobuleti in front of the fuel truck but nothing happens. Changed the position numerous times. No trigger to get a passenger on board. [emoji37] What’s going wrong? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Why is it showing nav error at the beginning of the mission? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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