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  1. Thanks people for the help, I will post some pics so it could help to better understand the situation. I am on Discord, and yes, that would be awesome of having the chance of troubleshoot the issue. Korso#9207 on Discord (at least thats is how I see my id when check the config icon...ha ha ) Note: I apologize if my english is not that great, It's kind of rusty, because It's been a while since the last time I had to communicate with friends abroad (I am from Chile). Cheers, Dave
  2. Hi, sorry for bothering, but I watched many videos in youtube regarding Vaicom, and purchased the plugin for VoiceAttack, however I have been unable to make it work. I am sure it is my lack of knowledge but I feel frustrated and looking for help. I just need to do simple things: 1.- communicate with the Tanker 2.- assign a frequency to a radio (when I use the "tune" instruction It always end in the M channell) Funny though the tune instruction works without PTT, and when I try it I check the instructions log window in VoiceAttack and it says "command '******' is currently disabled for this session and was not executed. Another curious issue is that all spoken command in the Push to Talk category in Voice Attack, have a (voice disabled) hint next to "Transmit TX* press/release. Sorry to bother with this but don't have any other place where to ask for help. Cheers, Dave
  3. Thanks you all for the help and suggestions, I will try both and feedback on the outcome, Cheers! D.
  4. Hello Everyone, I have searched a lot but unfortunately I´ve been unable to find information regarding the method for setting the position of the flaps to a specific degree. I have mapped the flap control to my hotas so every time I press the allocated flap button it moves in the assigned direction one step at a time. I would like to program a button to go directly to "10% flap" , another to "40% flap" Perhaps this is not enabled in DCS. If someone knows the answer I would pretty much appreciate the information. Cheers! Dave
  5. Hi, when called the comm menu, F10 will access the alternatives of difficulty for your current session; easy, medium or hard. Most likely related to the skill of the oposite ai, number of forces, density of AAA, etc. Cheers.
  6. I am 52, been flying sims for decades, but as those were basic simulations, gave no lesson on how to approach DCS flying. I have been tryng not to stall or fall in uncontrolled spins when dogfighting...it´s very frustrating. It would be fantastic if there would be a video showing how to turn, how to execute a high yo-yo, etc. So far I have been re-discovering those tricks this time crash after crash... I feel Highlander right now...
  7. Saludos en Chile Hola, mi interés son los aviones WWII, habitualmente haciendo horas en P51 y a veces en Spitfire, seria genial compartir con alguien más, aunque sospecho que el 99% son jets por acá... Saludos
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