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  1. Unfortunetly I don't have the copy of FC so even if I would like to pirate it, I wont because I don't have anything to pirate now. And on the other hand if I had the game I wouldn't ask about the version of StarForce just because I would know the version, right?
  2. In my opinion ED should announce when the Verisign payment method will be avaiable because we, the customers have right to know when we will be able tu buy the game. I would like not to hear "sooN" "as soon as possible" or other... Just give us a date... I wont have the money frozen forever!
  3. I had FIA GT game, and it was StarForce protected, when I had this game on my HD I couldn't burn any CD so that's way I don't like Star Force...
  4. I would choose from taht two: http://www.ckznak.pl/pages/show_compare.php?id=kgATIX850XTSap256VIVO+PE
  5. I just hope that the game will be relased before Fighter Ops...
  6. I don't have the game yet so I would like to know which version of StarForce is used in FC.
  7. Hmmm... So we are both waiting... I know what you fell and you know what I feel. Like you said "it wont take long": thats what I hope also :)
  8. Thanks Skywall23, I' ve read that already. I don't know if you have the game yet but I am very impatient, I would like to fly 1.1 instead of flying moded demo :(
  9. Nero is freeware program AFAIK, at least I have such version. I don't have 1.1 yet but if I will finally be able to buy it I would like to copy it on my CD, I will be mad if I couldn't do that. Ruggbutt try using StarF**k, maybe it will help you...
  10. During ejection pilots body is processed by something about 15G, so no wonder you would blackout. Yesterday I saw programme about ejecting, from its beginings up to date.
  11. Try http://www.f-15estrikeeagle.com
  12. Hmmmmm... I don't know if you understood what I wanted to say :) I would like to ask about the Visa/Mastercard payment, will it be by PayPal also? I can't buy the addon by PayPal because my country isn't on the list so as other guys on the forums :icon_conf
  13. I hope this could help you somehow: http://www.airliners.net/open.file?id=680997&size=L&width=1024&height=751&sok=JURER%20%20%28ZNGPU%20%28nvepensg%2Cnveyvar%2Ccynpr%2Ccubgb_qngr%2Cpbhagel%2Cerznex%2Ccubgbtencure%2Crznvy%2Clrne%2Cert%2Cnvepensg_trarevp%2Cpa%2Cpbqr%29%20NTNVAFG%20%28%27%2B%22ZvT-21%22%27%20VA%20OBBYRNA%20ZBQR%29%29%20%20beqre%20ol%20cubgb_vq%20QRFP&photo_nr=131&prev_id=682506&next_id=680181
  14. I know that :D I am asking if there would be also "country list"
  15. So there is no need to worry about the country list on PayPal's site? I can enter any country and the transaction should be completed
  16. Let's hope that Visa payment will be available for all
  17. Will it be available for people from all countries or will it be the same as PayPal (which means that some of us will have to forget about the game)??
  18. You won't get it :D LOL!~I hope this won't be true. I am also having this kind of problem, where are you from? Middle-Europe? You will have to wait for the Visa method payment, I hope than it will allow <us> to get the game
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