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  1. It's so called DOL here in Poland (Drogowy Odcinek Lotniczy/Lotniskowy). I've read some time ago about it. I'll try to find link to that site, but unfortunatly it is only in Polish
  2. Nice one... I hope 1.1 will be avaiable soon so I can try Su-25T, althought I fly more A2A.
  3. Wiiiiihhhhhhhaaaaaaaa! Maybe I'll buy CD version... I don't know what to do... :( LOL that's a problem now :)
  4. some pics: http://www.airliners.net/open.file/429862/L/ http://www.airliners.net/open.file/414484/L/ http://www.airliners.net/open.file/206240/L/
  5. I think thats is your reply speed or something like that (I can be wrong)
  6. Yes. Singapore upgraded their F-5E/F to F-5S/T in 1998, changing cockpit adding HUD and FIAR Grifo-F radar. They have three squadrons: -141 Squadron "Merlin" Paya Lebar RF-5S -144 Squadron "Blackite" Paya Lebar F-5S/T -149 Squadron "Shikra" Paya Lebar F-5S/T
  7. Nice... I m sure many pilots will find it useful, for example me :) Nice work
  8. "They" (Romania) doesn't have MiG's-29 longer, they were withdraw from service in the begining of 2003 if I remember correct.
  9. Coooooool! Happy birthday man! Your present is really impresive!
  10. That may be the reason, tell us what happened after removing B1
  11. Ok... Listen to that: some time ago I had FIA GT game, it was also Star Force protected, while the game was on my HD I couldn't burn any CD, with music or any other files... After I uninstalled the game everything was ok. EDIT: http://forums.adventuregamers.com/printthread.php?t=7487
  12. I told him that its ver. 3.4 like you wrote me in other thread. He also wrote that this is not full name of version it must be sth like 3.4.x.x
  13. That's strange... Maybe there was other a/c with ECM and he was jamming your radar? Friendly a/c with ECM can also couse jamming to your radar.
  14. I hope that ED will throw away StarForce in future projects, I had problems with other game "protected" by Star Force. I talked with some computer geek and he told me that: "StarForce jest niebezpieczny dla kompa- jego drivery omijają zabezpieczenia Windy i zyskują najwyższe priorytety, przez co otwieraja teoretycznie droge wirusom i trojanom (w tym sensie, że diabli biorą róznice między procesem o najwyzszym priorytecie a procesem uzytkownika), poza tym sterowniki SF nie usuwają się do końca nawet ich własnym narzędziem i ponoc powodują destabilizację kompa i problemy z napędami optycznymi. A jeżeli masz naped SCSI to w ogóle przestaje działać (bo kretyni uznali że tylko wirtualne sa na SCSI wiec je zablokowali)" *ENGLISH* StarForce is dangerous for your computer- his drivers evade Windows protection and gets the highest prioritets, thats why they can open their way for viruses and trojans (because diferences between highest prority process and user process are being "mixed") Moreover StarForce drivers can not be "fully delated" even if you use their own tools and can make destabilisation of your OS and problems with disk drivers. (If you have SCSI drive it won't work because **** guys from Star Force treat them as "virtual" so they blocked them)
  15. AN/ALQ-131, it is a ECM Pod that F-16 is often equiped with
  16. Sure BGP is right. ECM affects your radar not just makes the plane "harder to lock", thats why there are ECM mission planes.
  17. I mainly fly a2a but as I am waiting for FC I can try some a2g. P.S You play hockey?
  18. Sounds nice but I don't have FC yet so I won't play it :(
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