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  1. Get Radeon and wait for the Multi VPU!
  2. Well you can always print key controls and have it "just for case"
  3. 412th Test Wing 412th LG (AFMC) 411th FLTS Edwards AFB, CA F/A-22 CTF 4/98 : 412st Test Wing from Edwards AFB, California will have 2 F-22A Raptor
  4. and it is not available yet, it should be in few days in online store
  5. Another great one from TekaTeka!! Thanks buddy!
  6. Looking good, looking good... And it is good! Thanks mate!
  7. Jane's F-15/F-18, A-10 Cuba, F-18 Hornet series... and so on :D
  8. Are you zooming out when you start new mission or are you playing with defalut zoom?
  9. I had just one game with SF and when it was installed on my comp I couldn't burn any CD. The game was FIA GT. I hope that SF version which is on CD is way better than this which was on FIA GT.
  10. I think he was talking about the graphics card - 6800GT
  11. 1.02 but if you have 1.2 maybe you could post some screens :D
  12. Go to "User CP/Edit Options/<Default Thread Age Cut Off>" Change it to: "Show all threads"
  13. That's is really cool! Imagine that hidden in the bushes :D Ratatatatata! BOOM :P
  14. Before reactivating I would contact ED, they should help you.
  15. Looking good, can't wait to see when everything is done!
  16. Do you have firewall enabled? Did you change sth with your firewall? I had similar problems and when I changed firewall settings everything was OK back again.
  17. Yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy... I mean... WOW! That's awesome dude!
  18. I'll wait for CD version, it should be available on 15th so I'll wai this 4 more days :)
  19. Here in my city is "3 Eskadra Lotnictwa Taktycznego" so here comes my nick from- next year they will get F-16C Block 52+ :D http://www.3elt.com
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