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  1. Anyone read US report about MiG-21?
  2. Well two years is a lot of time... Again I wish I could fast forward time :D
  3. Would be nice if someone from ED could answer that :icon_twis
  4. As ED is a Russian company it surely is easier for them to make Russian a/c. Beside how many sims which actually included Russian planes as flyable where there? I'm really looking forward to Black Shark! My only hope is that we will get screenshots and updates every month/week :) Cheers 3rdELT
  5. Wow... <Lack of worlds> Wow... Are you guys planning to release the demo?
  6. Mmmmmmmmm... Thanks Subs! Great pics of great plane!
  7. Maybe they want everybody to earn some money ;) so nobody would be neglected :D
  8. Well this is what I have found on the net "F-16 COMMON CONFIGURATION IMPLEMENTATION PROGRAM (CCIP) 650 USAF Block 40/42 F-16s are being upgraded under the Common Configuration Implementation Program (CCIP). The first phase of the program (first aircraft completed in January 2002) provides core computer and colour cockpit modifications. The second, which began in September 2002, involves fitting the advanced AN/APX-113 interrogator/transponder and Lockheed Martin Sniper XR advanced FLIR targeting pod. The third, which started in July 2003, adds Link 16 datalink, the Boeing Joint Helmet-Mounted Cueing System and an electronic horizontal situation indicator."
  9. CCIP for 650 F-16C Blk40/42 started in September 2002 and it involved fitting AN/APX-113 IFF interrogator/transponder and Lockheed Martin Sniper XR advanced FLIR targeting pod. So I think it has finised
  10. Olgerd so as the IFF on Blk 40/42 is the same as on Blk 50/52 why doesn't it classify as interrogator?
  11. Well the AN/APX-113 is Combined IFF Interrogator/Transponder
  12. Well... Actually you are wrong. F-16 HAS the IFF build in. i.e: F-16C Blk40/42/50/52 has the Raytheon AN/APX-113 IFF transponder. Earlier F-16s were equipped with AN/APX-101 IFF.
  13. That's sad... I've lots of videos from Patrick's site
  14. The faster you go the earlier Betty will linger. Cheers 3ELT
  15. Started from 18300m with max speed but couldn't keep this speed...
  16. If your wife is Polish Aleksandra is just Aleksandra often called just 'Ola' Cheers 3ELT
  17. Thats "Kabina-F15" Thanks for the info Csmag, could be helpful for country mod!
  18. Zajebiscie... A takie pytanie male: czy np. HARM dziala poprawnie?
  19. No no... Zapowiada sie calkiem fajna zabawa! Ladny skin Skopro!
  20. Yeah, you need to set task either to ground attack or CAS
  21. There dosn't have to be, when you are close to targets and you order your wingman to attack them he will do it. Tested it y-day in A-10
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