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  1. yeah real nice, was thinking the same about the music Gaze ;)


    The 2nd song was "Moby - Go !" but what was the 1st one ? Sounded like Bob Sinclar on sleeping pills ! :D

    Actually the second one was Trance Allstars "Go"

    Oh... And BTW nice movie!


  2. How to make it work.

    I was flying one of the Su-25 campaign missions and i was receiving orders/informations about bandits and ground units movements without AWACS in the air.


    I've made one test mission with 1L13 EWR, 55G6 EWR and RLS P-37 and noone ever spoke to me even if there was clear detection range on the map. Second I put myself in MiG-29 in the same test mission an there was enemy units visible on it's MFD. But still noone talks to me.


    What should I do to solve the problem.


    I just want to switch off all the "aids" (map view for example) but i need support form ground. Without it this would be one big mistake.

    I think that KUB SAM site will vector you when they detect bandits, give it a try!

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