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  1. Toda I flew one mission in a CW to play with it, it's not what I usually pick. For my second mission I picked the standard Mk IX and found that basically, I had no controls! I tried loading the saved file but no luck. I loaded my backup file, which is in a completely different area in my HD and again nothing. Rebooted and still no joy so I spent an hour rebuilding my original Mk IX file, saving and backing it up! Big pain, no more CW for me.
  2. I have had sessions a few hours long without problems. Sometimes this happens and I get punched out as DCS disappears within an hour. dcs6.log dcs7.log dcs8.log
  3. Removed the old headset and replaced with a wired in set. Problem still exists. dcs4.log dcs5.log
  4. This has been happening regularly to me, get a blue screen in the headset and then out of game. Reconnect and fly again and after some time it happens again. No crash log for these two times Thanks dcs.log dcs2.log
  5. I've just begun getting these as well. Yesterday they started happening frequently. Today testing DCS on the monitor and in VR, while GPU temps are lower in VR it's only happened in VR.
  6. In closing, I've had time to work this out. Taking the headset off and twisting it can get everything working again, or not. The quick and easy fix that I have found is to look to the right wingtip and hit the center vr button then look at the left wingtip, center the vr again , finally look straight ahead and for the last time hit center vr and all is good! Takes two seconds.
  7. Def, I'll try the fast movement of the headset but I'll take it off and twirl it in my hand a bit! I can do it much quicker with less neck strain that way!
  8. I've had that since day on on the Reverb, doesn't fix the problem. Thanks for offering though! Getting out of the game and WMR, restarting gets a fix.
  9. Thanks, I would think that also but a window on the right side with the sun shining in, lamp on the left and an overhead ceiling light keep the room bright. Even at night with no window light I generally have no problem.
  10. There are times that "flashlight" still does not work for me. Sigh!
  11. Once in a while, the ability to slide from side to side disappears, all other movements work fine. It becones impossible to "check six" as the headrest is always in the way.Re-centering does not activate it. Sometimes it will correct itself, sometimes it gets frustrating.
  12. HP Reverb with a Logitech wireless headset. I set up speech using the info provided when I installed the "voice Attack" app. I use the word "flashlight" to turn it on and off. It did not work for me in-game until I opened Cortana once for some reason.
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