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  1. Hi guys any news about the compatibility with the JF-17? Plane feels dead with no simshaker, i honestly cant fly without it anymore Cheers Evilfisher
  2. Hi there, i noticed since the update yesterday dcs wont recogniye the input commands anymore, my squad member has got the same problem. Just FYI Cheers Evilfisher
  3. Hi Guys I was wondering if anyone had released a f14 compatible version of DCSBios yet? Cheers from Switzerland Evilfisher
  4. NVM just like jonsky posted, it works :smilewink:
  5. Its been a while ago since i did this the last time, an example an which file to edit would be nice to know. Cheers Evilfisher
  6. Hi there Can someone do an expample on how to start multiple server instances I cant seem to get them running. Greetings Evilfisher
  7. Hey Tech Thy that will give me new hope to try again Are you on stable or open beta?
  8. Hi TechRoss I am exactly at the same point, nothing is working anymore So i can forget about displaying my non functional cockpit in a SIMPit Fair at the 10.11.2018 Sorry community but ive been trying 3 weeks to get my broken cockpit to work again, after i made a run to build the cockpit in a record time. And i really rage quitted. So thats whay i was offline for a while I Aprreciate Andrews input, but im at the point to say wiring its fine, its the 0.6 update and the newest ED Updates that broke something as it was working like a charm before. I am Using the latest Open beta-version
  9. Update: Reinstalled DCS bios again, installed the fa18 dcs bios from the first thread page here; but didnt updated it to the v6 edition, stream is back online and the led seems to be working on the caution panel but the buttons arent responding Cheers Evilfisher
  10. Maybe someone can point me towards the right direction. I have reinstalled dcs Bios. checked the export settings,added firewall and antivirus exceptions for dcs,socat, and the residing folders. still getting the CWD Fast pointer error. I am unable to see the stream of data as it had done before. Greetings from switzerland :helpsmilie: ps: in the Saved games/ logs folder the dcs-bios log is empty at 0kb
  11. Hi Andrew Thank you very much for the feedback. I think too that it is my config gone wrong. ill keep looking for errors. thanks cheers Evilfisher
  12. Really ?no one here can report if dcs bios is still working?
  13. Hi Leute Geht bei euch dcs bios seit dem update gestern auch nicht mehr? Cheers Evilfisher
  14. I deleted and the I resintalled DCS Bios, took the file from the homepage/github and installed it like the tutorials says. then i downloaded the v0.6 DCS Bios from this thread and copied/extracted it into the saved games /dcs/scripts/dcsbios That would mean that i have got a new Hornet lua with no editing at all. When i do start the batch files com3 com5 where my arduinos are connected to i see the code spitting out a response if i flick the switches ie: Gear_Lever 1 Gear_Lever 0 But ingame nothing happens i checked the export files, theyre fine as simple radio and simshaker working
  15. HEy Guys, did the last DCS World update broke dcs bios? If not then i shouldnt had upgraded to dcsbios 0.6 just before that. Cheers Evilfisher
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