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  1. I honestly think there is an adjustment period when wearing the reverb. I’ve gone from the rift s to the reverb pro. Was purchased as a means to trouble shooting some issues I was having. I pulled those speakers off without a second thought . It’s the same thing I’ve done with the cv1. I prefer to use my ear buds. My head is a bit tender so it took a bit getting use to. While it is lite and pressure on my head makes my head hurt. The pro face pad felt a lot stiffer than I expected. So I went with the vice pro vr cover. Comfort is a lot better. Last thing I will say is that I probably don’t wear it correctly. When I place it on my head the back strap sits at the top of my head. For me I find this makes it easier to find the sweet spot. I mention this because while the resolution was great the sweet spot was so narrow I almost decided to return the reverb and keep the rift s. My two cents and something that might help.
  2. Just gave it a real fast look.. Set Steam SS to 100 and tested it. Even with pretty low settings in DCS the mirrors just destroy smoothness. Mirrors off seems OK.. but kinda a harsh reality that i have to leave them off. I know this wasnt that way before. Cpu wont hit 5.0ghz As it requires way to much voltage to get there yay for silicon lottery. Memory is reporting 3100mhz in bios with xmp turned on.. wont fus with it anymore. Spent more time trouble shooting this issue than playing with my toys. Spent some time dialing in settings for Assetto Corsa and Project cars vr. Havent touched Iracing yet. I was able to push around 130 Steam ss with moderate settings before fps would drastically tank. I think i'm happy with that. Overall I appreciate the help but i'm done fighting with it. I spend 40 hours plus a week working and trouble shooting this thing is starting to feel like a job all over again.
  3. Usually chrome will be open if i am doing anything as I have additional monitors. Usually I have onboard display active. I tested with it on and off and found no difference. In this situation. It was off. I have a noctua NH d15 I never considered the Temps high for the following reasons. Tjmax on the cpu isn't being me for thermal throttling to occur. Tj max for this cpu is100c. So as long as she isn't 80, I never worry. I will adjust the cooling so that the fans kick in sooner. I keep them low for noise. Here is the kicker though. The frame time is only like this in dcs. I tested Assetto Cosra and Project cars 2 and even before I sent my rift s in for repair Il2 ran better. My cpu frame time was sub 6 and was still this way after turning up the settings. So I seem to be having way worse performance in Dcs and the f14. I may not even worry about it at this point haha. I certainly feel better after seeing the performance in other titles.
  4. Set CPU to 4.8ghz Turns out memory is 2133mhz.. Will need to replace that "when" I can afford it. Started off with thud's guide as a baseline. The f14 seems to just hate me. As it puts the most pressure on my system. Especially when looking down in the cockpit. Away from the ground things get much better. High frame times are not so bad as I am keeping 45 fps.. The indicator seems to be light blue and darker blue. I Primarily fly the f14 so that is what I have been testing in. I fly in a solo map with not much going on and the f16 seem to be so much smoother. Ill post images of settings but I did start with Thuds info. These settings arent perfect at all but way better experience than I've had.
  5. I'm too tired to speak technical jargon. I'm tech savey but I will not pretend to be any kinda expert. So I will do this.. I will start over and document everything. So that way people can see why I come to this conclusion. thanks for the consideration anyway.. I noticed that when I posted way to much I didnt get much feed back so this is better than nothing for sure.
  6. My apologies as I am a tad bit frustrated. 8700k 4.6ghz Stock 2080ti 32gigs 3200 ram Samsung ssd motion reprojection is suppose to be on but according to the tool it doesn't seem to. One imagine was of steamvr ss 184% the other was 33% all i can get right now.. either way CPU seems maxed out even though its showing 33% threat core count. This was also performed in a single player basic mission with a few starter AI. I will clean up the thread when I can.. However I found it pretty abnormal that lower settings could yield such terrible results on the cpu. Personally think my cpu is busted but thats my thinking.
  7. So my replacement rift s came in as well as my new headset. Did a little testing with the Reverb and installed the fpsvr app. I noted in the app that the cpu frame time states over 20ms how can I bring this number down.. Seems to be constantly high across settings. Cpu is 8700k I usually it at 4.6ghz all cores My cpu is the oldest part in my computer but it doesn't seem to show wear. Oculus had me test my components and all test came back ok. This could be the reason for a lot of my ghosting.
  8. Sorry you feel my title was exaggerated. When I wrote that I was suffering from motion sickness which made it unplayable for me. Feeling like you wanna puke will cut the session short real fast.
  9. I enabled the latest public test channel. Now with the Oculus tray tool I can fly pretty much without the ghosting. Ghosting however still occurs when I turn on the mirrors in the f14. I Also did some things where I locked my boosted clocks on my gpu so I will need to test to see if it performs the same without those settings.
  10. Yeah i've posted at the Oculus forums with basically the same original post. Lots of looks but no replies. I get that a lot on forums. As far as the testing. I basically start an air mission on Caucasus and dive towards the ground and fly over the ground for a bit. That's ultimately been how I run my test.
  11. I can try the tray tool again. I just had not installed it since the reformat which broke all the normal stuff I use. The thing with my system is I see about a 50% use on the gpu and a 30 percent use on the cpu. The reason I find this to be important is because it feels as though asw is breaking. I press cntrl 3 to set asw on at 45 and I will seemly have some fps drops below 45 that is when the jutter and ghosting really hit hard. At this point I'm just laying my troubles out there because it might help someone. When I couldn't be helped.
  12. My situation has improved by raising the trees and preload. I still get the ghosting but I just force asw on at the start of the flight. Seems to help. I have 2 500gig ssd's and I had installed dcs on both to determine if either of the drives needed to be replaced. During this event I also tried clearing the meta shaders and fxo.. So for me it didnt help unfortunately. Once I tried everything else.. the format was the last try. I'm glad this threat is helping those who need help.
  13. With the settings bignewy posted I still to get the ghosting distorted blurred vision effect but its far more reduced. I Found myself turning everything down I think the major effects where the amount of trees and preload radius. Will do more testing but it seems like its a lot worse in the f14 than it is in the f16.
  14. Not sure I can get a video of it as its happening within the headset. The best way I can explain it is that it looks like there is a left over imagine after the primary image. It also manifest a lot when looking at the tree's. And BIGNEWY thanks for stopping in and lending me some guidance.
  15. You would think the issue is with my system.. but I have tried everything as I listed in the original post. Even to the effect that I dont experience the ghosting with beat saber. Yeah I realize that beat saber and dcs are two different things however a broken system should be broken throughout all the systems usage. This isnt a fluke. its a repeatable occurrence. I'm super glad that others are not having the issue but I certainly am. To add more trouble shooting information for those who want to help. I just flew around in the f14 for roughly 5 or 10 minutes. This is a stand alone mission with some reds and some blue and I start in the air. I start of by heading to ground level so that I can make passes over the trees. No ghosting to be seen. I continue to fly and it all look ok. Dcs stutters for a moment and all seems well.. Then the perma stutter/ghosting kicks in. Now everything I fly over makes me sick.
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